VA – Indie compilation 2021 05 – [25-Nov]

Anika – Finger Pies
April June – Have A Hell Of A Nice Life
Bigote Chino – Noche de Otoño 2
Blanketman – Beach Body
Capitol – Always Saying Nothing
Career Woman – Balcony
Central Heat Exchange, Varsity – Directly Dow
Charlie Duda – Really Really
Croma Nueve – No Fumar
Delivery – Floored
Depresión Sonora – Generación Perdida, Diversión Prohibida
Detergente Líquido – ¿Has escuchado la radio¿
Doug Tuttle – Weak Ends
Dubstar – I Can See You Outside
Factice Factory – Figments
Girlpuppy – As Much As I Can
Guided By Voices – Trust Them Now
Harriets The – For You
Jack Name & Aoife Nessa Frances – Watching the Willows Burn
Jessica & The Fletchers – Madrid Popfest
Kelly Slusher – Someday
Kid Coyote – Good Company
Korova Milk Bar The – Rain Girls & Gentle Girls
Laura Watling – Perfect Penmanship
Lavender Blush – Sundays
Lori Meyers – Presente
Lucha Los – On The Ropes
Lunar Vacation – Shrug
Mabe Fratti – Hacia el Vacío
Meatbodies – Reach For The Sunn
Miguelito Nubesnegras – El Gran Trastorno Bipolar
Paul Den Heyer – Clear Sunlight View
Po! – Lonely Saturday
Ramirez Exposure – Exit Times
Río Arga – Piscinas y lagos
Rum Tum Tiddles – Are you wounded
Silver Firs – Allergies
Sungaze – Body in the Mirror
Swansea Sound – Je Ne Sais Quoi
Telescopes The – Songs of Love and Revolution
Themilo – Lazy (Extended Version)
Tré Burt – Sweet Misery
Umbrellas The – She Buys Herself Flowers
Unidad y Armonía – Rayos de Sol
U​.​S. Highball – Hlemmur Song
XR – Melody
Exnovios – Luz, Espacio, Tiempo