Traxsource May 2022 Hidden Gems Deep Tech – [12-Jun]

After The Tide – Call Me Baby
Alann M – Cristal
Alberto Segador – I Don’t Give
Alberto Segador – Space Bass
Andre Salmon – Strings
Andrew Azara Timmy P – Smokey Poison
Caravaca – Oye la Musica (Original Mix)
Carbajal – Dance To My Rhythm
Charlie Banks – Backfoot
ChaseWest – RUN AWAY
Com – Lessons Of Life
Daniel Steinberg – The Rhythm (Original Mix)
DIZ (UK) – Ravertoire (Original Mix)
Drez (HU) – Dancing Hands (Original Mix)
Eddy M – Back Home Again
Foolie – Are You With Me
Francisco Allendes – What You Do (Harry Romero Remix)
Frink – Osho (Original Mix)
Giacomo De Falco – Trust In You (Original Mix)
Hart & Neenan – Lifted
Jamback – Push Forward
James Dexter – Almost Time (Original Mix)
Jesse Bru Max Ulis – Moisture Cult
Jizz – Just Hold On
Jizz – What is Love (Alejandro LH Remix)
Karrem – Teef (Extended Mix)
KsoFresKo – Supernova Girl
Madvilla – Gelato Dream (Original Mix)
Mahony – Pasi De Dans (Yaya Remix)
Manoova Matu (UK) – Acemetrics
Mauro Venti – Velox
Michael James – Underwater (Digital Exclusive)
Neverdogs – Easy (Sidney Charles Remix)
Neverdogs – Priority (Original Mix)
Omar Kleys – Priority (Extended Mix)
Ozgur Uzar – Sad Piano (Original Mix)
Quelupa – Mezcal (Edit)
Red Effects – Mirage
Red Meat Therapy – Hakim
Relic – D (Original Mix)
Sherbert Tierap – Dancefloor Kisses
Simenga – Manifest Microphone (MACROLEV Remix Edit)
Stanny Abram – Estetique
Subb-an Luther Vine – Expression
THE PEOPLE IN FOG Dj Sodeyama Satoshi Tomiie – Less Is More (Satoshi Tomiie Remix)
Timmy P – Overkill
Toman – Paradiso
Will Taylor (UK) – Dreaming
Zynk – How We Feeling