Tech House – [14-Jun]

Abradek – Rock Off [Houseyounite]
Abradek – The Sign [Houseyounite]
Aeshi Takeshi – The Trippin Is in the House [Be Positive Records]
Afro Medusa, DJ Jason Medallion & Praise Cats – Greenland [7ven music]
Akatuki – Angya [akatuki music]
Akatuki – Cilaviso [akatuki music]
Akatuki – Cosekiun [akatuki music]
Akatuki – Komorebi [akatuki music]
Alex Perez – Everyone Came to Party [Homewerx Music]
Alex Perez – La Fiesta [Homewerx Music]
Alex Perez – Make That Money [Homewerx Music]
Allans Marquez & David Figueira – Pretty Lady [08800 ROOM LABEL]
Anggelo Pinela – Like That (Adrian Delgado (ESP) Remix)
Anggelo Pinela – Like That (Original Mix)
Ango Tamarin – Can You Bang (Extended Mix) [Toolroom]
Ango Tamarin – Can You Bang [Toolroom]
Axtrain – Invaders [Safe Ltd.]
Ayala042 – Bubbles People [Unnamed & Unknown]
Barajas Hype – Indian Movings [Academy Records]
Bonilla Mike – Second One (Kevin Rodriguez Remix) [Retorica Recordings]
Bonilla Mike – Second one [Retorica Recordings]
Can I Blue – Christmas Tree [Vunanga Byo Enta]
Can I Blue & de Rex – Cloudy Days [Vunanga Byo Enta]
Can I Blue – Dineo [Vunanga Byo Enta]
Can I Blue – Dub maybe Tech [Vunanga Byo Enta]
Can I Blue – Jean Avenue [Vunanga Byo Enta]
Can I Blue – Lover like Billie Jean [Vunanga Byo Enta]
Carlo Astuti – All That Matters (Extended Mix) [Mindkraft Music]
Carlo Astuti – Push It (Extended Mix) [Mindkraft Music]
Cat Connors, J.Worra – YOU feat. Cat Connors (Domii Remix) [Club Sweat]
Cat Connors, J.Worra – YOU feat. Cat Connors (Tara Bloom Remix) [Club Sweat]
Chapter & Verse – Taking Over Me (Extended) [Atom Bomb Music]
Chapter & Verse – Taking Over Me (Extended) (Original Mix)
Chapter & Verse – Taking Over Me (Radio Edit) [Atom Bomb Music]
Christian LER – Preludio [Estribo Records]
Christian LER – Singlar [Estribo Records]
Curiousoul – Circles N Flips [Symphonic Distribution]
Dahouset – The Meddie House [Plasticity Records (ES)]
Danilo Milani – If You [Unnamed & Unknown]
David Cathcart – Move Like That (Extended Mix) [Bomb Ass House]
David Kinnard – Mañana (Jay Mosley Remix)
David Kinnard – Mañana (Joy Marquez Afrotech Mix)
David Kinnard – Mañana (Original Rework Mix)
David Kinnard – Mañana (Paul Gavronsky Remix)
Degeneration – Strong (Dj Global Byte Mix) [Perfect]
Degeneration – Strong (Radio Edit) [Perfect]
Diel Apollo – What Keepsus (Original Mix)
Diplo, Miguel – Don’t Forget My Love (CID Remix (Extended))
DJ Alexis Freites – Lighters in the Air [Big Latin]
DJ Global Byte – OMG (Speed of Life Mix) [Speed Of Life]
DJ Low Low & D-FRA – Apache [CamelMusic Records]
DJ Low Low & D-FRA – Hands Up [CamelMusic Records]
DJ Low Low & D-FRA – Scared Back [CamelMusic Records]
DJ Pavel Slim – Open the Party [.KF Records]
DJ Samuel Lawrence – Hallelujah [R Side Recordings]
DJ Samuel Lawrence – Love Access [R Side Recordings]
Domingo Perez – Loco (Dj Global Byte Mix) [Speed Of Life]
Domingo Perez – Mucho Calor (Dj Global Byte Mix) [Speed Of Life]
DZR – Shake That [Unnamed & Unknown]
Eden Burns – Hands Off My Beat (Original Mix)
Ega Ribotta & Nico Fucks – Underground King [Lemon Juice Records]
Endor – Superfly (Extended Mix)
Fede Rego – Bylm [Jendex Records]
Francis Davila – Orotava [Lemon Juice Records]
Francis Davila – Orotava (Tech Mix) [Lemon Juice Records]
Gabriela González – Rotten Universe [Pizza Music]
Gabriela González – Rubic Voice [Pizza Music]
Gabriele Ranucci – Be Boop [Phunk Traxx]
Gabriele Ranucci – The Only One [Phunk Traxx]
Gela#ter – Dance [Unnamed & Unknown]
guizzera – Love Mirage [Feel Hype Limited]
GUNHORSE – This Is House [Music Makes You Feel Records]
Gutech – Deep Bottom [Oxytech Limited]
Gutech – Malihini [Oxytech Limited]
Iglesias – Charged (Melanie Ribbe Remix) [Woodlands Records]
Iglesias – Charged [Woodlands Records]
Jaded Soul – Untitled Dub [Inspirado Records]
Jairo Delli – Golden Mix (Original Mix)
Jairo Delli – Golden Mix [SUAVAGE]
Jaques Le Noir – Jam More (Blacksnipers Remix) [Tiger Records]
Jaques Le Noir – Jam More (Extended Mix) [Tiger Records]
Jaques Le Noir – Jam More [Tiger Records]
Jason Hersco – Nayanaya (Original Mix) [CUFF]
Jasperse – Angel [Kino Village]
Jasperse – Upside Down [Kino Village]
Jaypee – I’m so High [GANGSTA HOUSE RECORDS]
Jesse Vegas – Little Havana (Extended Version) [Distortion]
Jesse Vegas – Little Havana (Original Mix)
Jesse Vegas – No Rules [Distortion]
Jesse Vegas – No Rules (Extended Version) [Distortion]
Joeski – Rude Boy [Vibe Me To The Moon]
Joeski – Stick Up! [Vibe Me To The Moon]
Jorge Lefenda – Love the Music [Unnamed & Unknown]
Josh Cross – Hot in Here [Santurce Recordings]
Joti – We Can Be Together [Game Theory]
Joti – We Can Be Together (James Hopkins Remix) [Game Theory]
Juanito – Atracando (Edit) [Moon Harbour Recordings]
Juanito – Atracando [Moon Harbour Recordings]
JYVY – Sexy People [G-Mafia Records]
KERIM MURAVEY – Mystery (feat. Pawel Prutt) [Different Stories]
KERIM MURAVEY – Mystery (feat. Pawel Prutt) [Radio Mix] [Different Stories]
Kowsk – Coming [Mooncircles Lab]
Kowsk – Coming (Thariel. Remix) [Mooncircles Lab]
Kowsk – Never Give Up [Mooncircles Lab]
Kowsk – Never Give Up (Original Mix)
Kristin Velvet – Straight On (Original Mix)
Lamont Johnson – Bump That [Trax Works Records]
Larss (AR) – Bright Guitars (feat. Ajax De Telamo) [FCZ records]
Larss (AR) – Dark Keys (feat. Guille Maldonado & Ale Cure) [FCZ records]
Lautaro Bidegain – Need [Unnamed & Unknown]
Losciale – Super [Famillia Recordings]
Lucas Yepes & Emmanuel Callejas – Drop (Extended Mix) [Hot Vibe On Records]
Lucas Yepes & Emmanuel Callejas – Drop [Hot Vibe On Records]
Luis Pergo – Topanga [Unnamed & Unknown]
Magik Melo – Behind the Moon [LDN Trax]
Magik Melo – Lost Moon [LDN Trax]
Manolo Cruz – Emergency Exit [Tremenda RECORDS]
Manolo Cruz – Open the Door [Tremenda RECORDS]
Marcos Silvestre – Karambuco (Raul Da Costa Remix) [Swat Rec]
Marcos Silvestre – Karambuco [Swat Rec]
MartinoResi & Lit Square – Flight [Unnamed & Unknown]
Matonik – Shock (Extended Mix) [Dear Deer Mafia]
Matonik – Shock (Radio Mix) [Dear Deer Mafia]
Matt Sassari, CHRSTPHR – The Voodoo Babe (Extended Mix)
Mazzo – Paris to Berlin [Urban Wavve]
Moril – Changes [Etiquette]
M. Rodriguez, Jiorgio Ranion – Too Tired (Original Mix)
Murphy’s Law – Blaze It Up [Libero Records]
Murphy’s Law – Good Gracious [Libero Records]
Nando Rodrigu3z – Blopsss [Techaway Records]
Nando Rodrigu3z – Night Up [Techaway Records]
Nando Rodrigu3z – Tangoh [Techaway Records]
Nico XV – Paradiso [BN Tech]
Nico XV – Paradiso (Radio Edit) [BN Tech]
NuGroove – Groover (Ben Rowe Remix) [Filthy Beats Digital]
NuGroove – Groover [Filthy Beats Digital]
Nulif3 – Hwc [Suicide Robot]
Pig Snatchers & M-Staffs – In Control [Check In Recordings]
Pig Snatchers & M-Staffs – In Control (Extended Mix) [Check In Recordings]
Q&NB – Eowee [Blanc Stone Lumiere]
Q&NB – Music Street [Blanc Stone Lumiere]
Q&NB – United Funk [Blanc Stone Lumiere]
Qubiko – Mono Tono (Club Mix)
Qubiko – Mono Tono (Original Version Remastered 2022)
Rabelo Inc – Overboard [0212 Records]
Rabelo Inc – You [0212 Records]
Reelow – Sussex (Original Mix)
Retro Belgica – Mind & Soul (Radio Edit) [RETRO BELGICA RECORDS]
Retro Belgica – Mind & Soul [RETRO BELGICA RECORDS]
Ricardo Mello & Zov – Copycat [LESS IS MORE Records]
Ricardo Mello & Zov – Copycat (Radio – Edit) [LESS IS MORE Records]
Rich DietZ, SELCO (BE) – VIBES (Original Mix)
Rodblo Alrez – Das Emociones (feat. Ceci Let) [Filthy Traxx]
Sasa Di Toma – Barranquilla (Original Mix)
Sergio Sergi, Drunk & Play – Dale (Drunk & Play V.I.P Edit)
Sergio Sergi, Drunk & Play – Dale (Original Mix)
Sergio Sergi – Master Blaster (Original Mix)
Simon Kidzoo – Changes [Etiquette]
Simon Kidzoo – Changes (Extended Mix) [Etiquette]
Simon Kidzoo – Gotta Believe [Etiquette]
Simon Kidzoo – Gotta Believe (Extended Mix) [Etiquette]
Siwell, Craig Leo – Tsulu (Extended Mix)
Siwell & Craig Leo – Tsulu (Extended Mix) [TROPICA RECORDS]
Siwell & Craig Leo – Tsulu [TROPICA RECORDS]
Slow Motion, Duarte, Mindchatter – Here I Go Again (Slow Motion & Duarte Remix) (Slow Motion & Duarte Remix)
Smith & Welson – Yo Man (Dj Global Byte Mix) [Speed Of Life]
Society Haus & FOLUS – I Wanna Be [Weird Records]
Society Haus – That Night [Weird Records]
Stanny Abram – Ultrafunker (Angel Anx remix) [Tested Records]
Stanny Abram – Ultrafunker [Tested Records]
Sugartrane – Pool Party [DataTech]
Thomas Milles – Apocalypse [Abstract Channel]
Thomas Milles – Apocalypse (Extended Mix) [Abstract Channel]
Tony Metric – Heart (Extended Mix) [Future Freaks Records]
Tony Metric – Heart [Future Freaks Records]
Vampyr – Bad Speech [Clover Records]
Vampyr – Bad Speech (Extended Version) [Clover Records]
Vampyr – El Celular [Clover Records]
Vampyr – El Celular (Extended Version) [Clover Records]
Vampyr – La Mañana [Clover Records]
Vampyr – La Mañana (Extended Version) [Clover Records]
Vibn – Look Good (Original Mix)
Vortex – Changes [Progress Recordings]
Vortex – Deeep Dog [Progress Recordings]
Vortex – Ethical Choices [Progress Recordings]
Vortex – Frog March [Progress Recordings]
WaltLaffertt – Euphoria [World Rave Music]
Xotto – Bien Duro [BH Records]
Xotto – On My Way [BH Records]
Xotto – Opening [BH Records]
Yugo Sanchez – Keep On Going [Unnamed & Unknown]
Abco – When It Falls Down [Day & Night Project]
Cicale – Getaway [Day & Night Project]
Day & Night Collective – Let’s Funk [Day & Night Project]
Keytone – Quiero Jugar [Day & Night Project]
Mischa – Latin Track [Day & Night Project]
Sylvester Casanova – Wind It Up [Day & Night Project]
2Touch & Lineki – Disco Kiss [Marba Records]
Alex Long & Stanny Abram – Gribba [Marba Records]
Alex Raider – Eerie Forest [Marba Records]
Angel R. – Deep Change [Marba Records]
ARMS45 – Back 2 Back [Marba Records]
Babis Del – Lead the Way [Marba Records]
Betatone Collective – Twisted Nimpho [Marba Records]
BiaGo Sordini – Sin City [Marba Records]
B-Liv – Yes, U Are (Bass Guitar Mix) [Marba Records]
Bryan Cox & Stanny Abram – Rude Boy [Marba Records]
Chab Nabouchu – Cocaine [Marba Records]
Damir Pushkar – Pina Colada [Marba Records]
Danielle Fabiola – Good for Me [Marba Records]
Danilo De Santo & Dario Mad – Beat Inside [Marba Records]
Dany Cohiba – Stockholm [Marba Records]
Dany Deep – Just Numbers [Marba Records]
David Lizana – Make Me Move [Marba Records]
Delgado & Karl Roberts – The Sound of Now [Marba Records]
DJ EFX – Go [Marba Records]
Duoschulz – Butterfly Effect [Marba Records]
ECLPS & Ivan Feher – Watch Me [Marba Records]
Emanuele Vernarelli – Open Mind [Marba Records]
Ender Royers – What the Hell [Marba Records]
Ernesto Barrese – Not the Same [Marba Records]
Fabrizio Noll – What! [Marba Records]
Gaetano Visconti – West Coast [Marba Records]
Gianni Ruocco & Le Roi Carmona – Dynamite [Marba Records]
Giuseppe Baile – 6 Am [Marba Records]
Groove Salvation – Fantasy [Marba Records]
Ian Green – Solros [Marba Records]
Iur Klossther – Baracca [Marba Records]
Josh Love – Twister [Marba Records]
Lap Dancers – Makinto [Marba Records]
Lex Loofah – Depth Perception [Marba Records]
Lineki & Paolo Barbato – Catch It [Marba Records]
Los Donatos Organos – Larry [Marba Records]
Luis Armando – Deflection [Marba Records]
LuLu Jones – Set Me Free [Marba Records]
Mad Funker – Dusty Piano [Marba Records]
Mafu Nakyfu – A5 [Marba Records]
Manuel Ghenadia – Red Lipps [Marba Records]
Mario Restaino – Go Away [Marba Records]
Mauri Fly – Bang [Marba Records]
Mizt3r – Babel [Marba Records]
NuFunk Collective – Street Funk [Marba Records]
Piiter Carlo – Can Feel Your Body [Marba Records]
Pika & Bella – 1988 [Marba Records]
Qubachki – Move Your Feet [Marba Records]
Stanny Abram – Body Language [Marba Records]
The Small Town Boyz – Hangover [Marba Records]
35mm – Small Time Strut [House Of Bangerz]
Advent – Listen [House Of Bangerz]
AVAA – Going Down [House Of Bangerz]
Bacosaurus & Tony H – Sheeeiit Go Ahead & Dance [House Of Bangerz]
Bassani – Pass [House Of Bangerz]
Bess Maze – Can You Back [House Of Bangerz]
Bor & Mar – Don’t Care [House Of Bangerz]
Broken Future – Hey Baby [House Of Bangerz]
Catz N Hood – You Wanna [House Of Bangerz]
Danny Kolk – My Phone [House Of Bangerz]
E.R.N.E.S.T.O – Drop That (feat. Arango) [House Of Bangerz]
FOOLiE – Be Like [House Of Bangerz]
Heider – Not Techno [House Of Bangerz]
Holt 88 – 2 Gap [House Of Bangerz]
Kyle Zuck & Ai. – Club Rat [House Of Bangerz]
Nick Siarom – Folks [House Of Bangerz]
Overthinking & Mochakk – Not Enough [House Of Bangerz]
Steve Darko & Hot Pot – MySpace [House Of Bangerz]
Teknicoz & Hypside – Dancin’ On My [House Of Bangerz]
TNAN – Step Into It [House Of Bangerz]