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    Dim Mak Records New Future Bass Pack (09 May 2021) – [13-May]

    031 – Far Out – Alchemy (feat. RØRY)
    061 – Rootkit – Promise Me (ft. Noé)
    136 – Mitis – Try (feat. RØRY)
    Alison Wonderland – Bad Things (Kaidro Remix)
    Amidy, HALIENE – Already Home
    Anki, Polly Ortuso – One Last Time (feat. Polly Ortuso) (VIP)
    ARMNHMR, Akari, Brayden Kehler – I’ll Be Fine (feat. Akari & Brayden Kehler)
    ARMNHMR, Brody – Give You My Heart (feat. Brody) (LICK Remix)
    ARMNHMR – Bulletproof (Caslow Remix)
    ARMNHMR – Bulletproof
    ARMNHMR, Heimanu, Azuria Sky – This Is Goodbye (feat. Azuria Sky)
    ARMNHMR – Hundred To Zero (Reach Remix)
    ARMNHMR, Karra – Silver Lining (feat. KARRA)
    ARMNHMR, Linney – Coming Home (feat. Linney)
    ARMNHMR, Melanie Fontana – Forever Young (feat. Melanie Fontana)
    ARMNHMR, Melanie Fontana – Fragile (feat. Melanie Fontana)
    ARMNHMR, Micah Martin – The Universe Is Yours (feat. Micah Martin)
    ARMNHMR, Miles Away, Mark Klaver – One Sided (feat. Mark Klaver)
    ARMNHMR, Nevve – Here With Me (feat. Nevve) (Culture Code Remix)
    ARMNHMR, Nevve – Here With Me (feat. Nevve)
    ARMNHMR, Shstr, Soundr – Learn To Love (feat. Soundr)
    ARMNHMR, Sunnie Williams – Let Light Out (feat. Sunnie Williams)
    Bear Grillz, Adventure Club, JT Roach – Where We Are
    Bear Grillz, Adventure Club, JT Roach – Where We Are (Pushing Daizies Remix)
    Bear Grillz, Adventure Club, JT Roach – Where We Are (Sam Lamar Remix)
    Bear Grillz – Angels (feat. RUNN) (Bonus Track)
    Bear Grillz, Atarii – It Ain’t True (feat. Atarii)
    Bear Grillz – Can You Hear Me (feat. BAER)
    Bear Grillz, HALIENE – The Way We Were
    Bear Grillz, Katastro – Here Right Now
    Bear Grillz, Nevve – Smile Without U (feat. Nevve)
    Bear Grillz, Sam Nelson – Sad Story
    Blanke, Calivania – Flatline (feat. Calivania)
    Blanke, Calivania – Flatline (Reprise)
    Blanke, Nevve – Fragile Violence
    Boombox Cartel, Karra – Nothing To Hide
    CORTR, Mica – Hurtful Things
    Cosmos & Creature – The Wonder
    CrankDat – Tell Me
    Crystal Skies – Collide
    Dabin, Essenger – Hope It Hurts
    Dabin, Lowell – Holding On
    Danny Olson, Inov8, Caly Bevier – Otherside
    Ekali, Elohim – Fairy Tale
    Ekali, Illenium, Chloe Angelides – Hard To Say Goodbye (feat. Chloe Angelides) (Nitti Gritti Remix)
    Elysian – Moonchild (Trivecta Remix)
    Excision, Whales, RIELL – The Last Time
    Excision, Wooli, HALIENE – Erase You
    Fabian Mazur – Takeover
    Fairlane, Sad Alex – nature
    Far Out, Heather Sommer – Focus (feat. Heather Sommer)
    Far Out, Karra – Constellation
    Fatum, Dylan Matthew – Train To Nowhere
    Flume, Vera Blue – Rushing Back
    Flux Pavilion, GLNNA – Somebody Else
    Flux Pavilion, Nevve – Lion’s Cage
    Flux Pavilion, Next to Neon, A M – Surrender
    GANZ, Jantine – Carry Me (feat. Jantine)
    Ghastly, Karra – Help
    Ghost, Zushi – Sky Is Falling
    Gill Chang, Bafu – Dawn
    Godlands, Brux – My Weakness (feat. BRUX)
    Gryffin, Audrey Mika – Safe With Me (Last Heroes Remix)
    Gryffin, John Martin – Cry
    Illenium, Annika Wells – Nightlight (Kaivon Remix)
    Illenium, Annika Wells – Nightlight
    Illenium, Tom DeLonge, Angels and Airwaves – Paper Thin
    Illenium, Valerie Broussard, Nurko – Sideways
    Inzo – I’m Dreaming
    JaRon – escape
    Jason Ross, Dabin, Dylan Matthew – One That Got Away (with Dylan Matthew)
    Jason Ross, Fiora – Leave Me To Wonder (with Fiora) (Just A Gent Remix)
    Jason Ross, Heather Sommer – One Look (feat. Heather Sommer)…