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    2022 – Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) OST – [06-May]

    01. Multiverse of Madness
    02. On the Run
    03. Strange Awakens
    04. The Apple Orchard
    05. Are You Happy
    06. Gargantos
    07. Journey with Wong
    08. Home_
    09. Strange Statue
    10. The Decision Is Made
    11. A Cup of Tea
    12. Discovering America
    13. Grab My Hand
    14. Battle Time
    15. Not a Monster
    16. Forbidden Ground
    17. Tribunal
    18. They’re Not Coming Back
    19. Stranger Things Will Happen
    20. Buying Time
    21. Book of Vishanti
    22. Looking for Strange
    23. Strange Talk
    24. Lethal Symphonies
    25. Getting Through
    26. Only Way
    27. Trust Your Power
    28. They’ll Be Loved
    29. Farewell
    30. An Interesting Question
    31. Main Titles
    32. An Unexpected Visitor
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    2022 – Santi Pulvirenti-Bang Bang Baby Season One Amazon Original Series Soundtrack OST – [04-May]

    Santi Pulvirenti – Analogue Strings 80
    Santi Pulvirenti – Bang Bang Baby
    Santi Pulvirenti – Donna bionica
    Santi Pulvirenti – Fascination
    Santi Pulvirenti – Fluido Magnetomagico
    Santi Pulvirenti – Il mitra e la sposa
    Santi Pulvirenti – Luna park
    Santi Pulvirenti – Mafia princess
    Santi Pulvirenti – Massive dream
    Santi Pulvirenti – Memoria sfocata
    Santi Pulvirenti – Mio fratello
    Santi Pulvirenti – Nereo
    Santi Pulvirenti – Nonna eroina
    Santi Pulvirenti – Occhi chiusi
    Santi Pulvirenti – Once up on a time in Milano
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    2022 – Rupert Parkes-Memory Original Motion Picture Soundtrack OST – [04-May]

    Rupert Parkes – Alex Checks The Files
    Rupert Parkes – Alex Follows Vincent
    Rupert Parkes – Alex Goes To Kill Beatriz
    Rupert Parkes – Alex Is Dead
    Rupert Parkes – Alex Takes His Meds
    Rupert Parkes – Car Park Shootout
    Rupert Parkes – Flash Drives
    Rupert Parkes – Guadalajara
    Rupert Parkes – Hola Mamita
    Rupert Parkes – Hugo Checks Out The Bakery
    Rupert Parkes – Hugo Tells His Story
    Rupert Parkes – I Can’t Remember
    Rupert Parkes – I Know How It Started
    Rupert Parkes – No Alcohol Swab
    Rupert Parkes – Office Shootout
    Rupert Parkes – Pigeons
    Rupert Parkes – Put The Gun Down
    Rupert Parkes – Recorded Phone Calls
    Rupert Parkes – Return To El Paso
    Rupert Parkes – Sting Operation
    Rupert Parkes – Tap & Trace
    Rupert Parkes – Target’s On The Boat
    Rupert Parkes – Van Camp Target Package
    Rupert Parkes – Vincent Finds The Flashdrive
    Rupert Parkes – Vincent Sees Beatriz Dead
    Rupert Parkes – Vincent Transition
    Rupert Parkes – We’ll Talk In The Morning
    Rupert Parkes – Wounded
    Rupert Parkes – You Are Nervous
    Rupert Parkes – You Know Why I’m Here
    Rupert Parkes – You Will See
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    2022 – Jeff Russo-Star Trek Picard Season 2 Original Series Soundtrack OST – [04-May]

    Jeff Russo – A Melancholy
    Jeff Russo – A Taste of Freedom
    Jeff Russo – Best Laid Plans
    Jeff Russo – Build Back Better Borg
    Jeff Russo – Deepest Truth
    Jeff Russo – Disappointment In Leadership
    Jeff Russo – Family Secrets
    Jeff Russo – Fly Me To The Moon
    Jeff Russo – Guardian at The Gate
    Jeff Russo – Honoring the Deal
    Jeff Russo – Let’s See What’s Out There
    Jeff Russo – Lies Upon Lies
    Jeff Russo – Look Up
    Jeff Russo – Maximum Security Function
    Jeff Russo – My Spaceship
    Jeff Russo – My Truth
    Jeff Russo – Opening the Door
    Jeff Russo – Penance
    Jeff Russo – Season 2 End Credits (201)
    Jeff Russo – Season 2 End Credits (209)
    Jeff Russo – Season 2 Main Title
    Jeff Russo – Second Chances
    Jeff Russo – Seek The Watcher
    Jeff Russo – Shadows of the Night
    Jeff Russo – The Journey Inward
    Jeff Russo – The Pressure of Legacy
    Jeff Russo – The Travelers
    Jeff Russo – The True Monster
    Jeff Russo – What’s My Full Name
    Jeff Russo – Where You Belong
    Jeff Russo – Your Ancestor
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    2022 – John Lunn-Downtown Abbey A New Era Original Motion Picture Soundtrack OST – [04-May]

    John Lunn – All Aboard
    John Lunn – Am I Blue
    John Lunn – A New Era
    John Lunn – Cortege
    John Lunn – Cote D’Azur
    John Lunn – Crazy Rhythm
    John Lunn – Downton Abbey – The Suite
    John Lunn – First Draft
    John Lunn – Good News, Bad News
    John Lunn – Guy
    John Lunn – Kinema
    John Lunn – Le Chapeau De Carson
    John Lunn – Next Generation
    John Lunn – That I Do Remember
    John Lunn – The Gambler
    John Lunn – The Handsome Mr. Barber
    John Lunn – The Last Farewell
    John Lunn – Then You’re In Luck
    John Lunn – Violet Mon Adoree
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    2022 – Hesham Nazih-Moon Knight Original Soundtrack OST – [04-May]

    Hesham Nazih – All Your Fault
    Hesham Nazih – Befriending Myself
    Hesham Nazih – Chaos Within
    Hesham Nazih – Constellation
    Hesham Nazih – Eye of Horus
    Hesham Nazih – Fake Passport
    Hesham Nazih – Full Moon Fight
    Hesham Nazih – Give Her a Call
    Hesham Nazih – Humble Disciple
    Hesham Nazih – I’ll Never Stop
    Hesham Nazih – Meet My Friend
    Hesham Nazih – Moon Knight
    Hesham Nazih – Moonlight Fight
    Hesham Nazih – New Skillsets
    Hesham Nazih – No Suit
    Hesham Nazih – Open the Door
    Hesham Nazih – Phone and Elevator Blues
    Hesham Nazih – Rise and Shine
    Hesham Nazih – She Is Here
    Hesham Nazih – Storage Locker
    Hesham Nazih – Summon the Suit
    Hesham Nazih – Take the Body
    Hesham Nazih – The Boat
    Hesham Nazih – The Cave
    Hesham Nazih – The Inevitable
    Hesham Nazih – The Kiss
    Hesham Nazih – The Sky
    Hesham Nazih – The Village
    Hesham Nazih – Village Scales
    Hesham Nazih – Weight of Hearts
    Hesham Nazih – Welcome Travelers
    Hesham Nazih – We Need More
    Hesham Nazih – What Suit
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    2022 – Harry Gregson-Williams-Disneynature Polar Bear Original Soundtrack OST – [04-May]

    Harry Gregson-Williams – Being Tracked
    Harry Gregson-Williams – Best Day of My Life
    Harry Gregson-Williams – Busy Spring Plans
    Harry Gregson-Williams – Cub of My Own
    Harry Gregson-Williams – Different Kinds of Ice
    Harry Gregson-Williams – Game of Chase
    Harry Gregson-Williams – Great Survivors
    Harry Gregson-Williams – Longer Summers
    Harry Gregson-Williams – Shifting Grounds
    Harry Gregson-Williams – The Sun Never Sets
    Harry Gregson-Williams – Those Who Wait
    Harry Gregson-Williams – Threat of the Male
    Harry Gregson-Williams – Three Years Alone
    Harry Gregson-Williams – Warmer Weather
    Harry Gregson-Williams – We Are Ice Bears
    Harry Gregson-Williams – We Played Together
    Harry Gregson-Williams – We Wanted for Nothing
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    2022 – Thomas Newman-Operation Mincemeat Original Motion Picture Soundtrack OST – [22-Apr]

    Carroll Gibbons & The Savoy Hotel Orpheans – I’m Going to Get Lit up (When the Lights Go up in London)
    James Morgan – Fallen Soldier
    Thomas Newman – A Missing Eyelash
    Thomas Newman – A Spy Under My Roof
    Thomas Newman – Briefcase in Madrid
    Thomas Newman – Dangerous Waters
    Thomas Newman – Deader and Deader
    Thomas Newman – Dull as Ditchwater
    Thomas Newman – Fifth Column
    Thomas Newman – Fishwife
    Thomas Newman – Fresh as a Daisy
    Thomas Newman – Gulf of Cadiz
    Thomas Newman – Haversack Ruse
    Thomas Newman – Holy Loch
    Thomas Newman – Iris
    Thomas Newman – Jean Leslie
    Thomas Newman – Last Lovely Golden Day
    Thomas Newman – Limited Casualties
    Thomas Newman – Officer in the Royal Marines
    Thomas Newman – Operation Mincemeat
    Thomas Newman – Our Story Begins…
    Thomas Newman – Personal and Most Secret
    Thomas Newman – Room 13
    Thomas Newman – Single Diamond Ring
    Thomas Newman – Submarine Rises
    Thomas Newman – The Burial is Set
    Thomas Newman – Toast
    Thomas Newman – War Hero
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    2022 – Stephen McKeon-The Cellar Original Motion Picture Soundtrack OST – [18-Apr]

    Stephen McKeon – Abacus First Move
    Stephen McKeon – A Mother’s Tears
    Stephen McKeon – Ball Roll
    Stephen McKeon – Baphomet
    Stephen McKeon – Dark Wonder
    Stephen McKeon – Dr. Fournet
    Stephen McKeon – End Credits
    Stephen McKeon – Game
    Stephen McKeon – Hell on the Wall
    Stephen McKeon – It’s the Whole House
    Stephen McKeon – It Was Just Counting
    Stephen McKeon – Keira Explains Kaos
    Stephen McKeon – Keira
    Stephen McKeon – Late to School Again
    Stephen McKeon – Leviathan
    Stephen McKeon – Main Titles
    Stephen McKeon – Miss Featherstone
    Stephen McKeon – Police and Father
    Stephen McKeon – Revelation
    Stephen McKeon – The Demon Eye
    Stephen McKeon – The End
    Stephen McKeon – The Hidden Room
    Stephen McKeon – The House at Night
    Stephen McKeon – The Ten Steps
    Stephen McKeon – Voices from the Drain
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    2022 – Dickon Hinchliffe-Father Stu Original Motion Picture Soundtrack OST – [18-Apr]

    Dickon Hinchliffe – Big Sky
    Dickon Hinchliffe – Bill’s Trailer
    Dickon Hinchliffe – Bill’s Truck
    Dickon Hinchliffe – Carmen
    Dickon Hinchliffe – Come and Get It
    Dickon Hinchliffe – Father and Son
    Dickon Hinchliffe – Father Stu
    Dickon Hinchliffe – I’m Doing This
    Dickon Hinchliffe – Late Bloomers
    Dickon Hinchliffe – Leaving
    Dickon Hinchliffe – Mary
    Dickon Hinchliffe – My Support
    Dickon Hinchliffe – Ordained
    Dickon Hinchliffe – Remember Me
    Dickon Hinchliffe – Resisting Arrest
    Dickon Hinchliffe – Roommates
    Dickon Hinchliffe – The Return
    Dickon Hinchliffe – This Ain’t the Hill to Die On
    Dickon Hinchliffe – Wildest Dreams
    Dickon Hinchliffe – You Ain’t That Lucky
    Dickon Hinchliffe – You’re Wrapped