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    2021 – Dont Look Up Soundtrack From The Netflix Film OST – [06-Jan]

    Ariana Grande And Kid Cudi – Just Look Up (From Don’t Look Up)
    Bon Iver – Second Nature
    Nicholas Britell – Arrival At The Hangar
    Nicholas Britell – BASH Corporate Ident – Liif
    Nicholas Britell – C-5 Galaxy
    Nicholas Britell – Discovery
    Nicholas Britell – Don’t Look Up – End Credits Suite
    Nicholas Britell – Don’t Look Up – Main Title Suite (Bonus Track)
    Nicholas Britell – Don’t Look Up – Main Title Theme
    Nicholas Britell – Ephemeris
    Nicholas Britell – FEMA-BASH Commercial
    Nicholas Britell – Hyperobject Approaches
    Nicholas Britell – It All Comes Down To This
    Nicholas Britell – It’s A Strange Glorious World
    Nicholas Britell – Kate Goes Home
    Nicholas Britell – Logic Waltz In B Major (Bonus Track)
    Nicholas Britell – Memento Mori
    Nicholas Britell – My Boyfriend Broke Up With Me
    Nicholas Britell – Ode To Science (Bonus Track)
    Nicholas Britell – On Hold
    Nicholas Britell – Thanksgiving (Overture To Logic And Knowledge)
    Nicholas Britell – The Arrest
    Nicholas Britell – The BASH Launch
    Nicholas Britell – The BASH Presentation
    Nicholas Britell – The Call
    Nicholas Britell – The Comet Appears
    Nicholas Britell – The End
    Nicholas Britell – The Launch
    Nicholas Britell – The Prayer For Stuff
    Nicholas Britell – There Is A Comet
    Nicholas Britell – Twenty-Four Drones Is Enough
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    2021 – Disney Encanto Deutscher Original Film Soundtrack OST – [19-Dec]

    Alvaro Soler – Oruguitas
    Carlos Vives – Colombia, Mi Encanto
    Germaine Franco – Antonios Stimme
    Germaine Franco – Bilder vom Encanto
    Germaine Franco – Brunos Turm
    Germaine FrancoChristian Camilo Peсa – La Cumbia De Mirabel
    Germaine Franco – Das Haus weiЯ es
    Germaine Franco – Das Rattennest
    Germaine Franco – Der Fluss
    Germaine Franco – Der Tanz der Madrigals
    Germaine Franco – Die Kerze
    Germaine Franco – Die letzte Vision
    Germaine Franco – Die perfekte Isabela
    Germaine Franco – Die Risse erscheinen
    Germaine Franco – Familienzusammenhalt
    Germaine Franco – Frьhstьcksfragen
    Germaine Franco – Hallo Casita!
    Germaine Franco – Ich brauche dich
    Germaine Franco – Ich war es
    Germaine Franco – Jagd nach der Vergangenheit
    Germaine Franco – Lern die Familie kennen
    Germaine Franco – Mirabels Cumbia
    Germaine Franco – Mirabels Entdeckung
    Germaine Franco – Mirabels Weg
    Germaine Franco – Onkel Bruno
    Germaine Franco – Standhafte Mirabel
    Germaine Franco – Streit der Schwestern
    Germaine Franco – Tango-Chaos
    Germaine Franco – Цffne die Augen
    Jenniffer Kae – Druck
    Lin-Manuel Miranda – Colombia, Mi Encanto (Instrumental)
    Lin-Manuel Miranda – Das seid ihr (Instrumental)
    Lin-Manuel Miranda – Dos Oruguitas (Instrumental)
    Lin-Manuel Miranda – Druck (Instrumental)
    Lin-Manuel Miranda – Familie Madrigal (Instrumental)
    Lin-Manuel Miranda – Nur kein Wort ьber Bruno (Instrumental)
    Lin-Manuel Miranda – Warten, dass ein Wunder kommt (Instrumental)
    Lin-Manuel Miranda – Was kann ich noch tun (Instrumental)
    Magdalena TurbaUschi BrьningEncanto – Cast – Familie Madrigal
    Magdalena TurbaUschi BrьningLeonhard MahlichAnita HoptTobias SchmidtEncanto – Cast – Das seid ihr
    Magdalena Turba – Warten, dass ein Wunder kommt
    Sebastian Yatra – Dos Oruguitas
    Sebastian Yatra – Two Oruguitas
    Yvonne GreitzkeMagdalena Turba – Was kann ich noch tun
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    2021 – Hans Zimmer and David Fleming-The Unforgivable Soundtrack from the Netflix Film OST – [17-Dec]

    Hans Zimmer & David Fleming – Bruises
    Hans Zimmer & David Fleming – Cells
    Hans Zimmer & David Fleming – Connections
    Hans Zimmer & David Fleming – Demolition
    Hans Zimmer & David Fleming – Grace – Bonus Track
    Hans Zimmer & David Fleming – Half-light
    Hans Zimmer & David Fleming – Homecoming
    Hans Zimmer & David Fleming – Ladders
    Hans Zimmer & David Fleming – Orphans
    Hans Zimmer & David Fleming – Phantoms
    Hans Zimmer & David Fleming – Revelation
    Hans Zimmer & David Fleming – Sacrifice
    Hans Zimmer & David Fleming – Scales – Bonus Track
    Hans Zimmer & David Fleming – Sisters
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    2021 – 14 Peaks – Nothing is Impossible (Soundtrack from the Netflix Film) – [01-Dec]

    01. 14 Peaks – Opening
    02. The 8000ers
    03. Project Possible
    04. The First Summit
    05. Annapurna
    06. A Hero In The Making
    07. The Rescue
    08. Shot In Afghanistan
    09. HACE and the Yeti
    10. Life Decisions
    11. Climbing Everest
    12. Mountain Jam
    13. Breathe
    14. One Peak At A Time
    15. The Fall
    16. Savage Mountain
    17. Life And Death
    18. Mind Over Mountain
    19. Running Out of Air
    20. Swim To The Moon
    21. Abode Of God
    22. Nothing Is Impossible
    23. Mother and Son
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    2021 – Hans Zimmer Army of Thieves Soundtrack from the Netflix Film OST – [17-Nov]

    Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro – According to Plan
    Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro – A Life Less Ordinary
    Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro – Army of Thieves
    Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro – Cathouse
    Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro – Creating a Diversion
    Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro – Escape in Switzerland
    Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro – Good Samaritan
    Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro – Gwendoline
    Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro – Hans Wagner
    Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro – Here’s the Plan
    Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro – Interpol
    Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro – It’s Already Done
    Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro – Longing for More
    Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro – Long Walk Home
    Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro – Ludwig Dieter
    Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro – Safecracker Extraordinaire
    Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro – That’s My Bike
    Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro – The Robbing of a Bank
    Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro – The Test
    Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro – Transferring the Safe
    Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro – Warming Up My Instruments
    Stephanie Olmanni – Firewall
    Stephanie Olmanni – Goin’ Crazy
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    2021 – Coda (Soundtrack From The Apple Original Film) Mp3 – [14-Aug]

    01. Something’s Got A Hold On Me
    02. One Thing I Know How To Do
    03. It’s Your Thing
    04. You’re All I Need To Get By
    05. I Fought The Law
    06. Mr. V’s Sonata
    07. The Observer
    08. Walk in the Woods _ Belly Flop
    09. The Log
    10. Do You Ever Wish I Was Deaf_
    11. I’ve Got The Music In Me
    12. Starman
    13. You’re All I Need To Get By (Duet Version)
    14. Going To Boston
    15. Both Sides Now
    16. Wait Wait Stop Stop
    17. Beyond The Shore
    18. Ruby’s Theme
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    Hans Zimmer – Sound Of Cinema The Film Music Of Hans Zimmer (2021) Mp3 – [27-Jun]

    01. Time (arr. guitar) (From _Inception_)
    02. Chevaliers De Sangreal (From The Da Vinci Code Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
    03. Now We Are Free (From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
    04. Gun Barrel (From ”No Time To Die” Soundtrack)
    05. Earth (From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
    06. Main Theme [Rain Man] (Edit)
    07. Path 19 (yet frailest)
    08. Elysium (From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
    09. Honor Him (From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
    10. Progeny (From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
    11. Nuvole Bianche
    12. The Wheat (From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
    13. The Battle (From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
    14. Sorrow (From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
    15. To Zuccabar (From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
    16. Patricide (From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
    17. The Emperor Is Dead (From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
    18. The Might Of Rome (From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
    19. Strength And Honor (From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
    20. Reunion (From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
    21. Slaves To Rome (From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
    22. Barbarian Horde (From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
    23. Am I Not Merciful_ (From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
    24. Duduk Of The North (From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
    25. Homecoming (From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
    26. The General Who Became A Slave (From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
    27. The Slave Who Became A Gladiator (From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
    28. Secrets (From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
    29. Rome Is The Light (From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
    30. All That Remains (From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
    31. Maximus (From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
    32. Marrakesh Marketplace (From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
    33. The Gladiator Waltz (From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
    34. Figurines (From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
    35. The Mob (From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
    36. Busy Little Bee (From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
    37. Death Smiles At All Of Us (From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
    38. Not Yet (From _Gladiator_ Soundtrack)
    39. L’Esprit Des Gabriel
    40. The Paschal Spiral
    41. Fructus Gravis
    42. Ad Arcana
    43. Malleus Maleficarum
    44. Salvete Virgines
    45. Daniel’s 9th Cipher
    46. Poisoned Chalice
    47. The Citrine Cross
    48. Rose Of Arimathea
    49. Beneath Alrischa
    50. Kyrie For The Magdalene
    51. Hunger
    52. Vale Of Plenty
    53. Chant
    54. Still
    55. Mogadishu Blues
    56. Synchrotone (From _Black Hawk Down_ Soundtrack)
    57. Bakara
    58. Of The Earth
    59. Ashes To Ashes
    60. Tribal War (From _Black Hawk Down_ Soundtrack)
    61. Leave No Man Behind
    62. Minstrel Boy (Film Verson)
    63. Still Reprise (From _Black Hawk Down_ Soundtrack)
    64. The Well
    65. Before You Die You See The Ring
    66. This Is Going To Hurt
    67. Burning Tree
    68. Not Your Mommy
    69. Shelter Mountain
    70. The Ferry
    71. I’ll Follow Your Voice
    72. She Never Sleeps
    73. Let The Dead Get In
    74. Seven Days
    75. Television
    76. Dies Mercurii I Martius (From The Da Vinci Code Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
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    John Williams – Sound Of Cinema The Film Music Of John Williams (2021) Mp3 – [27-Jun]

    01. The Flight to Neverland (From _Hook_)
    02. Yoda’s Theme (From _Star Wars_ Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back_ _ Live At Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angel
    03. Superman March (From _Superman_)
    04. E.T. _ Flying Theme
    05. Hedwig’s Theme (From _Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone_ _ Live At Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles _ 2
    06. Across The Stars (Love Theme) (From _Star Wars_ Attack Of The Clones_)
    07. Path 19 (yet frailest)
    08. Star Wars _ Main Title
    09. Theme (From _Jurassic Park_)
    10. Imperial March (From _Star Wars_ The Empire Strikes Back_)
    11. Luke & Leia (From _Star Wars_ Return of the Jedi_)
    12. Nuvole Bianche
    13. The Cantina band [Star Wars]
    14. The Battle [Star Wars]
    15. Star Wars _ Princess Leia
    16. The Empire Strikes Back _ The Asteroid Field
    17. Jaws _ Theme from _Jaws_
    18. Rey’s Theme (From _Star Wars_ The Force Awakens_)
    19. The Little People [Star Wars]
    20. Adventures on Earth (From _E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial_)
    21. Return Of The Jedi _ Jabba The Hutt
    22. Return Of The Jedi _ Parade Of The Ewoks
    23. Return Of The Jedi _ The Forest Battle
    24. The Rebellion is Reborn (From _Star Wars_ The Last Jedi_)
    25. The Throne Room – End Title [Star Wars]
    26. Excerpts (From _Close Encounters of the Third Kind_)
    27. Fawkes The Phoenix (From _Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets_ _ Live At Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles _ 20
    28. Harry’s Wondrous World (From _Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone_ _ Live At Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles _ 2
    29. Superman _ Superman_ Love Theme
    30. Scherzo For Motorcycle And Orchestra (From _Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade_ _ Live At Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles _ 2019)
    31. Raider’s March (From _Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark_)
    32. Out To Sea _ The Shark Cage Fugue (From _Jaws_ _ Live At Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles _ 2019)
    33. Sayuri’s Theme (From _Memoirs Of A Geisha_)
    34. The Chairman’s Waltz (From _Memoirs Of A Geisha_)
    35. Marion’s Theme (From _Raiders Of The Lost Ark_ _ Live At Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles _ 2019)
    36. Hymn To The Fallen (From _Saving Private Ryan_)
    37. The Duel (From _The Adventures Of Tintin_)
    38. Devil’s Dance (From _The Witches of Eastwick_)
    39. Dartmoor, 1912 (From _War Horse_)
    40. The Cowboys_ Overture