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    Hardstyle Top 100 Edition 2022 (24 April) MP3 – [25-Apr]

    2 Brothers Of Hardstyle, Jimmy The Sound & Delfromad – First Reaction Shock! (Radio Mix)
    Adaro & Aftershock Feat. Ava Silver – The Now And Then (Radio Edit)
    Adaro Feat. Robin Vane – Heaven High (Radio Edit)
    Adaro – No Time To Sleep (Phrantic Remix)
    Adrenalize & Demi Kanon – Silhouette
    Adrenalize – Epic Sax Song
    Adventum, Sasha F & Kona Black – Abandoned 2021 (Original Mix)
    Amentis – Runnin’
    Anubasu-Anubasu – Bish (Radio Edit)
    Atmozfears & Sound Rush – Come Back Home
    Atmozfears – The Ancients
    Baq – Dreamers (Radio Edit)
    Baq – Mysteries (Radio Edit)
    B-Elementz – Come Back To Life (Radio Edit)
    B-Elementz – Home (Radio Edit)
    B-Front & Deluzion – Unfold Me (Radio Edit)
    B-Front & Kronos – I Will Find You
    B-Savage – Alien Sound (Radio Edit)
    Calmani & Grey Feat. Chad Clemens – To The Moon And Back (Timbo Remix)
    Clive King & Pavo – The Madmen
    Crypton – Talk To Me
    Dark Intentions & Sasha F – Under Core (Radio Edit)
    D-Attack – Never Let Go
    D-Block & S-Te-Fan – Fearless
    D-Block & S-Te-Fan – Harder Generation
    D-Block & S-Te-Fan – Promised Land (Phuture Noize Remix)
    D-Charged – Passage
    D-Charged – Twang
    D-Charged – Unlimited
    Demi Kanon – Go Up There
    Devin Wild – Broken
    Devin Wild & Jdx Feat. Anvy – Scream Louder
    Diemond Kevs – Get Down (Micha Moor Edit)
    Digital Punk & High Voltage – The Long Road (Radio Edit)
    Digital Punk – We Are Still Here
    Divinez – Piece Of You
    Dopemonkeys & DJ Thoka – You Make Me Feel So Good
    Dual Code – Nobody Like You (Radio Mix)
    Earsquaker – Gonger (Radio Edit)
    Earsquaker – Hardstyle Concert (Eat The Beat) (Radio Edit)
    Earsquaker – Jony The Pony
    Enegizer – Constellations
    Envine & Alee – I Live This
    Eternate – Believe
    Eternate – Cryptonite
    Fraw Feat. Mc Activate – Ready To Fight
    Frequencerz – Brave The Storm (Radianze Remix)
    Frequencerz & Embassy – The Ritual
    Frequencerz Feat. Dope D.O.D. – Leaders Of The Pack (Radio Edit)
    Frequencerz Feat. Mark Vayne – Ecstasy (Radio Edit)
    Gunz For Hire – Armed & Dangerous (Rebelion Remix)
    Gunz For Hire – Seek & Destroy (Radio Edit)
    Hypnose – Gravity
    Imperatorz – Living My Dream
    Imperatorz – Superpowers
    Keltek – Dark Sky
    Keltek – Echo
    Kronos & Adaro – Up 2 No Good
    Kronos – We Will Return
    Magun – Indian Summer
    Manu & Rampager – Inside (Radio Edit)
    Manu & Rampager – You (Radio Edit)
    Mazza, Charly Lownoise & Rocco – This Is Fire
    Memorize Feat. Flotszam – Falling Apart
    Naksi & Slasherz – Rodina 2021
    Neroz & Irradiate – Forged In Fury
    Noir Conspiracy – Dark Spirit (Radio Edit)
    Noisecontrollers – Pillars Of Creation (Atmozfears & Sound Rush Remix)
    Phuture Noize – A New World
    Phyric – One Family
    Primeshock – Worldwide
    Rab-Beat – Don’t Leave Me (Radio Edit)
    Ran-D Feat. Xception & Diesel – Heaven & Hell (Radio Edit)
    Ran-D & Kronos – Virtual Reality (Radio Edit)
    Ran-D, Sound Rush & Leprince – We Are The Storm (Radio Edit)
    Rawframez – Headbangin’
    Rebeliуn & Warface – Switchblades
    Rejecta Feat. Last Word – Still We Rise
    Rejecta Feat. Nolz – Sledgehammer
    Rejecta – Hardness (Radio Edit)
    Rejecta – Insane Brain (Radio Edit)
    Rejecta – Move My Body
    Retrospect – All Night…
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    2022 – Jerry Goldsmith-Star Trek The Motion Picture The Directors Edition OST – [12-Apr]

    Jerry Goldsmith – Captain’s Log – Warp One
    Jerry Goldsmith – Captain’s Log – Warp Seven
    Jerry Goldsmith – End Credits
    Jerry Goldsmith – Floating Office
    Jerry Goldsmith – Games
    Jerry Goldsmith – Hidden Information
    Jerry Goldsmith – Inner Workings
    Jerry Goldsmith – Leaving Drydock (Film Version)
    Jerry Goldsmith – Main Title and Klingon Battle
    Jerry Goldsmith – Malfunction
    Jerry Goldsmith – Meet V’ger
    Jerry Goldsmith – Micro Exam
    Jerry Goldsmith – No Goodbyes
    Jerry Goldsmith – Overture
    Jerry Goldsmith – Spock’s Arrival
    Jerry Goldsmith – Spock Walk (Film Version)
    Jerry Goldsmith – System Inoperative
    Jerry Goldsmith – The Cloud (Film Version)
    Jerry Goldsmith – The Crew Briefing
    Jerry Goldsmith – The Enterprise
    Jerry Goldsmith – The Force Field
    Jerry Goldsmith – The Meld and a Good Start
    Jerry Goldsmith – Total Logic
    Jerry Goldsmith – V’ger Flyover (Film Version)
    Jerry Goldsmith – V’ger Speaks
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    Sound Kleckse Records Collectors Edition TOP 100 Of 2021 [SKC2021] (2022) – [05-Apr]

    Afflicted – Space Programm (Hdt67 Industrial Remix)
    Afflicted – Space Programm (Jens Mueller Remix)
    Afflicted – Space Programm
    Akls – Signal 52
    Alemaozuk – Ephedrine
    Alemaozuk – Keirin (Jorge Araujo Remix)
    Alemaozuk – Keirin
    Arathor – Going Hard
    Arathor – Nothing More Than Hard
    Arts Of Purity – Seeds Of Evil
    Arts Of Purity – Sorrow
    Arts Of Purity – The Devil’s Horn
    Bart Van Santen – Anarchy
    Bart Van Santen – Chaos
    Bjoern Ohler – Babdiboh
    Bjoern Ohler – Bring The Groove Back
    Bjoern Ohler – Freedom Is So Far Away
    Bjoern Ohler – Keep It Simple
    Bjoern Ohler – Out Of Control
    Brшnsted – шh My Devil
    Carles DJ – Different World
    Carles DJ – Hidden Destination
    Carles DJ – Moon Base
    Carles DJ – New Live
    Carles DJ – Schizophrenia
    Carles DJ – Sea Of Time
    Christian Meinert – Intensivstation
    Christian Meinert – Jenseits
    Dave Toon – Bless
    Dave Toon – Cerap
    Dave Toon – Cerap (Str & Tim Tycoon Remix)
    Dave Toon – Dthk
    Dave Toon – Euphoria
    Dave Toon – Fylu
    Dave Toon – Osiris (Markus Skora Remix)
    Dave Toon – Osiris
    Dave Toon – Osiris (Str & Tim Tycoon Remix)
    Dave Toon – Osiris (Taka Muza Remix)
    Dave Toon – Pallepo (Dolica Remix)
    Dave Toon – Pallepo (Markus Skora Remix)
    Dave Toon – Pallepo
    Dave Toon – Pallepo (Str Remix)
    Dave Toon – Pallepo (Taka Muza Remix)
    Dave Toon – Pallepo (Tiko De Remix)
    Dave Toon – Pallepo (Tim Tycoon Remix)
    Dave Toon – Pulsa
    Dhalgren – Hypnotized Twists
    Dhalgren – Losing The Voice
    Djames Techno – Pictures
    Djames Techno – Stb303
    Gokhan Kandazoglu – Chema
    Gorkem Dokuman – Personal Space
    Hdt67 – Expediente Hdt0067
    Hdt67 – Expediente Hdt0084
    Hdt67 – Expediente Hdt0087
    Hdt67 – Expediente Hdt0088
    Houston Stiller – Cold Core
    Houston Stiller – Deck 3
    Houston Stiller – Drip
    Houston Stiller – Nichts Festes
    Houston Stiller – Tre
    Jens Mueller – 20xl01
    Jens Mueller – 21xa01
    Jens Mueller – Paradigma
    Jens Mueller – Static Device
    Jens Mueller – What You Want From Me
    Kabuki Sha – Shell Shock
    Luca Cortellessa – Explosion
    Luca Cortellessa – Techno Religion
    Md – Crusader
    Nayeb – Dark Side Of The Moon (Jens Mueller Remix)
    Nayeb – Dark Side Of The Moon
    Neo Mind – Motor
    Neo Mind – Saturns Hour
    Numeric Space – Indian
    P.T.B.S. & Jens Mueller – Save You
    Stabius Tiranus – Rave Is Here
    Stabius Tiranus – Two Ways
    The D3vi7 – Fluff Boyz In The Hood (Hanzzo Remix)
    The D3vi7 – Fluff Boyz In The Hood
    The D3vi7 – Fluff Boyz In The Hood (P.T.B.S. Fluffi Fuern Fuffi Remix)
    The D3vi7 – Wow Factor (DJ Nightnoise Beyond Space Remix)
    The D3vi7 – Wow Factor (Hanzzo Remix)
    The D3vi7 – Wow Factor
    Thesamplethief – Expulsion
    Thesamplethief – Glutton
    Toxic People – Deadly Gas Chamber
    Toxic People – Death Row
    Toxic People – Rain Trip
    Toxic People – Rotting Head
    Toxic People – Sentenced To Darkness
    Toxic People – Watching You Suffer
    Trp0902 – Heartquake
    Trp0902 – Hooverworld
    Xodi – Silent Desert
    Yari Mostaccioli – Deep Space’s Lullaby
    Zedkleinberg – Hardon Collision
    Zedkleinberg – Helix Nebula
    Zedkleinberg & Wstnd & Joseph Virum – Voyage
    Zedkleinberg & Wstnd & Joseph Virum – Zarda
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    Boney M – The Magic Of Boney M. (Special Remix Edition) (2022) Mp3 – [19-Mar]

    01. Daddy Cool
    02. Sunny
    03. Rivers of Babylon
    04. El Lute
    05. No Woman No Cry
    06. Hooray! Hooray! It’s a Holi-Holiday (7- Version)
    07. Rasputin
    08. Painter Man
    09. Belfast
    10. Brown Girl in the Ring
    11. Kalimba De Luna
    12. Happy Song (7- Version)
    13. Still I’m Sad
    14. Mary’s Boy Child – Oh My Lord
    15. Baby Do You Wanna Bump
    16. Felicidad (Margherita)
    17. Gotta Go Home
    18. Ma Baker
    19. Sunny (Mousse T. Radio Mix)
    20. Rasputin
    21. Daddy Cool
    22. Ríos de Babylonia
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    Daft Punk – Homework (25th Anniversary Edition) (2022) Mp3 – [25-Feb]

    01. Daftendirekt
    02. WDPK 83.7 FM
    03. Revolution 909
    04. Da Funk
    05. Phoenix
    06. Fresh
    07. Around the World
    08. Rollin’ & Scratchin’
    09. Teachers
    10. Daft Punk – High Fidelity
    11. Rock’n Roll
    12. Oh Yeah
    13. Burnin’
    14. Indo Silver Club
    15. Alive
    16. Funk Ad
    01. Around the World (I_Cube Remix)
    02. Revolution 909 (Roger Sanchez & Junior Sanchez Remix)
    03. Around the World (Tee’s Frozen Sun Mix)
    04. Around the World (Mellow Mix)
    05. Burnin’ (DJ Sneak Main Mix)
    06. Around the World (Kenlou Mix)
    07. Burnin’ (Ian Pooley Cut up Mix)
    08. Around the World (Motorbass Vice Mix)
    09. Around the World (M.A.W Remix)
    10. Burnin’ (Slam Mix)
    11. Around the World (Original Lead On Mix)
    12. Burnin’ (DJ Sneak Mongowarrier Mix)
    13. Around the World (RAW Dub)
    14. Teachers (Extended Mix)
    15. Revolution 909 (Revolution Accapella)
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    Schlager Hits 2022 Remix Edition – [21-Feb]

    2glamur – Unbesiegbar (Extended Version)
    Achim Kцllen – 7 Leben (Tim & Thaler Remix)
    Alex Rosenrot – Automatisch (Mixmaster Jj Dancefox Mix)
    Alex Rosenrot – Diesen Einen Tanz (Mixmaster Jj Dancefox Mix)
    Alex Zapata – Wegen Dir (Hьma DJ Mix)
    Alisha – Deine Braunen Augen (Tom Van Dahl Remix)
    Alisha – Herzblind (C-Base Remix)
    Alla Gensel – Nimm Den FuЯ Aus Der Tьr (Wom#mix Dancemix)
    Andreas Kьhne – Das Leben Beginnt (Pricetunes Mix)
    Andre Raue – Unser Sommer Ist Vorbei (Long Mix 2021)
    Andre Wцrmann – Unendlich Weit Von Hier (Nur So! Remix)
    Angelique – Hamburg Im Regen (Rod Berry Remix)
    Angelique – Herzburnout (Mike Hall Remix)
    Annelie Michel – Ich Brenne (Nur So! Remix)
    Arno Verano – Ich WeiЯ Was Du Willst (Rod Berry Remix)
    Arno Verano – Ich Will Mit Dir Schweben (Rod Berry Remix)
    Bailando Beat – Alles Aus Liebe (Viva La Musica Remix)
    Ben Muller – Geflasht (Rod Berry Mix)
    Bernd Havixbeck & Chris Elbers – Fьr Die Frauen Dieser Welt (Pottblagen.Music Remix)
    Bianca Schnelle – Wer Kann Dir Schon Widersteh’n (C-Base Remix)
    B-Sito Feat. Mike Sanchez – Bombe
    Bundestrainer Aprиs Ski & Engel B. – Unsre Hьtte (Ballermann Tiefschnee Mix)
    Caro Herz – Liebe Lebt (Party Dance Mix)
    Chris Elbers – Halleluja (Viva La Musica Remix)
    Chris Elbers – Sternenfeuer In Der Nacht (DJ Fox Mix)
    Connor Meister – Alles Erlaubt (Pottblagen Remix)
    Crisma – Mal Wieder Weg (Club Version)
    Davy Dilamo – Sexy Per Me (Remix)
    Die Wolkenstьrmer – Genial Verliebt (Fox-Mix)
    Engel B. – Wehrloser Dieb 2k21 (DJ Infinity Club Mix)
    Frank Marin – Du & Ich (Viva La Musica Remix)
    Friedrich Leopold Windes – Nenn Es Wie Du Willst (Telly Xplosion DJ Mix)
    Gabriella Massa Feat. Edin Colic – Ich Hab Nie Aufgehцrt Dich Zu Lieben (Pottblagen DJ Mix)
    Gabriella Massa – Non Succederа Piщ (Das Lass Ich Nicht Zu) (Pottblagen DJ-Mix 2021)
    Gino Dal Nero – Sag Mir Wann (DJ Remix)
    Gisele Abramoff – Liliebe (Stereoact Remix)
    Graziano – Insieme Unschlagbar (Fox Mix)
    Heidi Jahns – Ein Kleines Bisschen Du (Mf-Fox Rmx)
    Heidi Jahns – Ist Es So (B.J.Pure-Mix)
    Herzgold – Liebe Macht High (DJ Ostkurve Remix Edit)
    Hk Krьger – Ein Schiff In Der Nacht (Nur So! Remix)
    Hk Krьger – Mon Coeur (Hoja Mix)
    Jan Simon – Ich Hab Den Himmel Noch Lange Nicht Kapiert (Nur So! Remix)
    Jennifer Rast Feat. J.K. Du Dramont – Seit Heute Glaub’ Ich, Dass Es Wunder Gibt (DJ Infinity Remix)
    Joshua Frey – Zu Spдt (Nur So! Remix)
    Julia Bender – Ich Bin Verrьckt Nach Dir (Pottblagen Remix)
    Kaj – Heute Nacht (Pottblagen Extended DJ Mix)
    Kaj – Ich Hab Genug (Pottblagen.Music Remix)
    Laura Hessler – Ich Will Kein Spiel Fьr Dich Sein (Hype DJ Mix)
    Lukas Otte Feat. Klanggefьhl – 1.000 Farben (Extended Version)
    Lyane Hegemann – Nur Mit Dir (De Lancaster Remix)
    Mariella Milana – Ich Muss Zurьck Nach Gestern (Pottblagen DJ Mix)
    Mariella Milana – Wunderkerze (Nur So! Remix)
    Mario Renard – Kopfkino (Foxrenard-DJ-Remix)
    Mario Steffen – Nie Zu Frьh Und Nie Zu Spдt (Nur So! Remix)
    Marko Abend – Sonnenuntergang (Cesareo Deejay Mix)
    Markus Luca – Engel & Teufel (Mixmaster Jj Maxi Dance Mix)
    Martin Kastel – Wenn Sich Zwei Herzen Liebe Schwцren (Foxrenard Remix)
    Martin Mдrz – Zum Himmel Und Zurьck (Nur So! Remix)
    Massimo – Azzurro (Rod…
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    VA – P7 END OF YEAR 2021 EDITION [PL0389] – [21-Jan]

    Be-Vardo – Amnesia [Platform 7even]
    Damn, Dmile – Acid Paradise [Platform 7even]
    Daniela Alban – How To Get Away [Platform 7even]
    Drive7 – Tumbling [Platform 7even]
    Dubman F. – It’s About Time (Dub Mix) [Platform 7even]
    Ed Saez – Believe In Something [Platform 7even]
    Fogg, M.I.M – Hypnotized (Neritaan Remix) [Platform 7even]
    Jake Boomer – Cabin Pressure [Platform 7even]
    Joakings – Blooming [Platform 7even]
    Laydee V – Awakenings [Platform 7even]
    Laydee V – Happy Go Lucky (Womack Remix) [Platform 7even]
    Laydee V – Symbiosis (Kuzey Vocal Mix) [Platform 7even]
    Laydee V – Tactile [Platform 7even]
    Leon the Lover – Dupa Amiaza [Platform 7even]
    Macassi – Lola (Dark Mix) [Platform 7even]
    Meet, Laydee V – Comfort Zone [Platform 7even]
    Meet, Laydee V – Sheeple (Kewito Remix) [Platform 7even]
    Orkus – That Is My Soul [Platform 7even]
    Paniz69 – Lowder [Platform 7even]
    Rennan Feijo – Heat [Platform 7even]
    Stefano Rossetti – You [Platform 7even]
    William Trilogy – The Dancer [Platform 7even]
    Womack – Vibrant [Platform 7even]