Steve Brian & Brandon Mignacca – Nepal (Dan Stone Remix)

Enhanced Progressive brings you a thunderous remix from British DJ / Producer Dan Stone of track 12 from Steve Brian’s sophomore album ‘1986’. ‘Nepal’ with glorious vocals from Brandon Mignacca was one of the highlight tracks from the album, and Dan Stone’s prog trance take is a delight as he transforms the track into an exhilarating prog trance anthem with an emotive atmosphere. πŸ”— Stream/Buy β€˜Nepal (Dan Stone Remix)’ 🎧 Follow our Latest Release playlist 🌎 Follow online β†’ πŸ“Ί Check out the Enhanced 24/7 YouTube channel β†’ 🎧 Listen to our curated playlist on Spotify and Apple Music β†’ Progressive Trance πŸ‘• Check out the Enhanced Store β†’ πŸ™‹ Connect with Dan Stone Spotify Apple πŸ™‹ Connect with Steve Brian Spotify Apple πŸ™‹ Connect with Brandon Mignacca Spotify Apple #EnhancedMusic