Song new Top 100 Fidget House, Bass House music – [12-Nov]

AstroWilk – Yesterday
Bijou & DLMT feat. Vannah – Fantasy (James Kennedy Remix)
Bloodlike – Boss [Ghetto Ghetto]
Bloodlike – Fake Emotion [Ghetto Ghetto]
Cardi B Feat. Megan Thee Stallion – WAP (SAINT PUNK Remix)
CDEX1 – Keep on Falling [Synth Labs]
Delict Waster, KidBass & Cool 7rack – Light It [Cool 7rack Records]
Delict Waster, KidBass & Cool 7rack – Light It (Radio Edit) [Cool 7rack Records]
DKING & Roddy Lima – Synapse [CICLO Records]
Flowdan – Welcome to London (Interupt Bootleg)
Gaba – Psycho
Green Tree – Melodramatic [Brooklyn Fire]
Green Tree – Waistline (feat. LexBlaze) [Brooklyn Fire]
Housplnt – Don’t Hesitate [MudPie Records PTY Ltd.]
Housplnt – Dreams in My Mind [MudPie Records PTY Ltd.]
Housplnt – Magic Mountains (Intro) [MudPie Records PTY Ltd.]
Housplnt – Make It Shake It [MudPie Records PTY Ltd.]
Housplnt – Maze (feat. Caitlin McBride) [MudPie Records PTY Ltd.]
Housplnt – Plant Bassed [MudPie Records PTY Ltd.]
Housplnt – Saguaro [MudPie Records PTY Ltd.]
Housplnt – Stellar [MudPie Records PTY Ltd.]
Housplnt – Stick to the Groove (feat. Dee Dee) [MudPie Records PTY Ltd.]
Javier Apreza – The Bass [Lowdown Recordings]
KURA & Incognet – Check The Flow (Extended Mix)
Ledok – If You Don’t Like [Playbox]
Le Duke – Carpe Noctem [Etiqueta Negra]
Marteneez – Drunk Shit [Hyporia Records]
Mr. Nunez – Feel the Boom [OFDM Records]
Mr. Nunez – Long Ride [OFDM Records]
Noboken – Hold My Hand [Sygye]
Oldloop – SixTwo Style [Deep Bear]
OnDaMiKe – The Touch (VIP Mix) [Ravesta Records]
OnDaMiKe – The Wall (Bassline Mix) [Ravesta Records]
Özhan Özal – Because I Love You [Airport Records]
Planthum – Lean Back [G-Mafia Records]
Proper Vibe – Low (Extended Mix) [Phunk Junk Records]
Proper Vibe – Low (Radio Edit) [Phunk Junk Records]
Reebs & Robin Aristo – Boombots (Extended Mix)
Reebs & Robin Aristo – Boombots (Instrumental Mix)
Ryan Nichols – Body Move [Night Service Only]
Ryan Nichols – The Beat [Night Service Only]
RZ & Rude – Shuffle [Smoke Music]
SINO – Old School Vibe (Extended Mix) [zero21records]
SINO – Old School Vibe (Instrumental Mix) [zero21records]
SINO – Old School Vibe [zero21records]
Siul Gonzalez – Bounce [Kryked]
SNAP – The Power (Stan Rave Bootleg)
Tan House & wavzur – Fogged Up [Filthy Sounds]
Tekraw & Miss Baas – Pon Detox [BROHOUSE Music]
Tony Romera – So Much [Bite This!]
Tony Wolf & Borrix – Do It [Monoshake Music]
Tony Wolf & Borrix – Do It (Radio Edit) [Monoshake Music]
Valy Mo & Jaycen A’mour – U N I [Panther’s Groove]
Vivace – Shut Down [Wiking Recordings]