Selected Sessions Meduza Iceland DJ Set

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Despite the immense challenges presented to us all this year, we remained fully dedicated to our mission in providing you with the best content in the world. We knew that we had to host a Session this year, even if we couldn’t physically have you there with us. And what better place to host it than in Iceland, with some of our closest friends MEDUZA.

This Session takes place in the deep south of Iceland, surrounded by hundreds of miles of black sand and mountains. We were hours from civilisation, exposed to the raw elements with nothing but each other and the breathtaking nature that surrounded us. We were isolated, cut-off and alone. The location for this Session plays homage to this year and the challenges it has presented us with and, most importantly, serves as a reminder to us all that wherever you are and however lost and lonely it may seem, hope can always be found.

To celebrate our first international Selected Session, we have partnered with to give UK Selected users a free case of beer! (Postage not included)


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