Rock Pack – 455 Tracks – [24-Jan]

Brothers Osborne – Headstone (Clean)
Brothers Osborne – Headstone (Dirty)
Brothers Osborne – Headstone (Intro Clean)
Brothers Osborne – Headstone (Intro Dirty)
Brothers Osborne – Headstone (Quick Hit Clean)
Brothers Osborne – Headstone (Quick Hit Dirty)
Coheed and Cambria – Shoulders (Acoustic)
Cyan Kicks – Hurricane
Drownship – A Dirge to a Carrion Heart
Drownship – The Matter of Thoughts
Ederlezi – Run Run Run
Gears – Wasteland (Clean)
Guns & Roses Vs. W&W – Sweet Child Of Mind (Rich 2022 Sick! Surprise Crowd Energy Bootleg)[Dirty]
J.B.O. – Planet Pink
Modern Error – A Vital Sign
Modern Error – Curtain Call
Modern Error – Error Of The World
Modern Error – Euphoria Visions Of Ecstasy
Modern Error – Exit Obscured Restricted To The Earth
Modern Error – Feels Like Violence
Modern Error – [II] Human Error
Modern Error – [I] Modern Age
Modern Error – It’s Just A Feeling
Modern Error – Lull
Modern Error – New Age Vibrance
Modern Error – Only One
Modern Error – Something Broken, Somewhat Isolated
Modern Error – The Truest Blue
Nane – Seventeen (Clean)
No Resolve – Set Fire To The Rain (Main)
Sara – Irtoavat leuat
Sara, Jun-His – Taivas
Sara – Lautta
Sara – Mun ihminen (Albumi versio)
Sara – Olla liikkumatta
Sara – Se osa joka rikkoo
Sara – Silea tie
Sara – Syklit
Tommi Lantinen – Elama kantaa mua
Gloom Grim – Blood, Monsters, Darkness
Gloom Grim – Conjunction To The Ground
Gloom Grim – Haunting, Hunting, Howling
Gloom Grim – Invitation
Gloom Grim – Master Inside
Gloom Grim – Purity, Beauty, Freedom
Gloom Grim – The Hermit
Gloom Grim – They Are Waiting
Gloom Grim – Third Eye Opening
Gloom Grim – To The Death I Have Sworn
Gloomy Grim – Blood, Monsters, Darkness
Gloomy Grim – Conjunction To The Ground
Gloomy Grim – Haunting, Hunting, Howling
Gloomy Grim – Invitation
Gloomy Grim – Master Inside
Gloomy Grim – Purity, Beauty, Freedom
Gloomy Grim – The Hermit
Gloomy Grim – They Are Waiting
Gloomy Grim – Third Eye Opening
Gloomy Grim – To The Death I Have Sworn
Minenwerfer – Ace Of Aces
Minenwerfer – Albatros In Flammen
Minenwerfer – I Am A Viking
Minenwerfer – Schьtzengraben
Minenwerfer – Sturmtruppen
Minenwerfer – Teufel Mit Uns
Minenwerfer – The Battle Of Verdun
Minenwerfer – Vorwдrts
Minenwerfer – Wrapped In Barbed Wire
Ramihrdus – A Forgotten Past
Ramihrdus – Beyond the Pines
Ramihrdus – Blackfire Sky
Ramihrdus – Dust of Eternal Sleep
Ramihrdus – Eternal Rest
Ramihrdus – Shackled by Despair
Ramihrdus – Winds of Solitude
Sarke – Allsighr
Sarke – Beheading Of The Circus Director
Sarke – Bleak Reflections
Sarke – Funeral Fire
Sarke – Glacial Casket
Sarke – Grim Awakening
Sarke – Imprisoned
Sarke – Sleep In Fear
Sarke – The Reverberation Of The Lost
Sarke – Through The Thorns
Umoral – Characteristics of a Tiny Soul
Umoral – Du Som Skjender Hvert Kroppens Hulrom
Umoral – Miracle
Umoral – Shut up and Worship My Cunt
Umoral – Smothered in Kindness and Approachability
Umoral – The Eyes
Umoral – The Law
Umoral – Therapist the Rapist
Umoral – Tnuc Eht fo Tluc Eht fo Tilc
Umoral – To Enter the Flesh
Umoral – Would Not End
In Loving Memory – Dawn Of Misery
In Loving Memory – Fractured
In Loving Memory – Lead Clouds
In Loving Memory – Martyrdom Of Light
In Loving Memory – Nothing But Pain
In Loving Memory – Stellar Runaway
In Loving Memory – Sun Of Ebony
In Loving Memory – The Dance Of Moons
In Loving Memory – The Reversal
In Loving Memory – Translucid Remains
Nightland – 101 Megaparsecs
Nightland – For Once My Name
Nightland – Further
Nightland – Shade Of A Lowering Star
Nightland – The Conjunction Of Benetnash
Nightland – The Great Nothing, Pt. 1 Of Seeking And Straying
Nightland – The Great Nothing, Pt. 2 The Reliever
Nightland – The Great Nothing, Pt. 3 Pursuers Of Absolution
Unanimated – As The Night Takes Us
Unanimated – Chaos Ascends
Unanimated – Demon Pact – Mysterium Tremendum
Unanimated – Divine Hunger
Unanimated – Scepter Of Vengeance
Unanimated – Seven Mouths Of Madness
Unanimated – The Devil Rides Out
Unanimated – The Golden Dawn Of Murder
Unanimated – The Poetry Of The Scarred Earth
Unanimated – Victory In Blood
Unanimated – With A Cold Embrace
Unanimated – XIII
Age of Apocalypse – Begging the Reaper
Age of Apocalypse – Casualty of Time
Age of Apocalypse – Fury
Age of Apocalypse – Ghost (Hart Island)
Age of Apocalypse – Grim Wisdom
Age of Apocalypse – Kingdom of Rot
Age of Apocalypse – Memento
Age of Apocalypse – Pain of Creation
Age of Apocalypse – The Patriot
Age of Apocalypse – Valley of the Mystic
No Design No Purpose – Bridgewater
No Design No Purpose – End
No Design No Purpose – Fade
No Design No Purpose – Parasite Pt. 2
No Design No Purpose – Recall Relate Conceal (All At Once)
No Design No Purpose – The Hardest Part
Varoshan – The Crow
Varoshan – The Message (feat. Riina Rinkinen)
Varoshan – The Snake
Varoshan – The Tyrant
Varoshan – The Wrath
Varoshan – Tyger Heart (Interlude)
Battle Beast – Armageddon
Battle Beast – Circus Of Doom
Battle Beast – Eye Of The Storm
Battle Beast – Freedom
Battle Beast – Master Of Illusion
Battle Beast – Place That We Call Home
Battle Beast – Russian Roulette
Battle Beast – The Road To Avalon
Battle Beast – Where Angels Fear To Fly
Battle Beast – Wings Of Light
Bulletproof – Banners High!
Bulletproof – Dynamite
Bulletproof – Feel the Heat
Bulletproof – Fist Pounding
Bulletproof – Flag of Freedom
Rage In My Eyes – And Then Came the Storm
Rage In My Eyes – Dare to Defy
Rage In My Eyes – Farewell
Rage In My Eyes – Spark of Hope
Rage In My Eyes – Spiral Seasons
Septem – Blood and Soul
Septem – Call of Love
Septem – Devil in Disguise
Septem, Jennifer Magnoni – Sa Femmina Accabadora
Septem – Limbo
Septem – Man on the Bridge
Septem – Pseudonica
Septem – The Lust Within
Septem – The North Star
Septem – The Otherside
The Ferrymen – Bringers Of The Dark
The Ferrymen – City Of Hate
The Ferrymen – Hunt Me To The End Of The World
The Ferrymen – Morning Star
The Ferrymen – One More River To Cross
The Ferrymen – One Word
The Ferrymen – Shut It Out
The Ferrymen – The Last Ship
The Ferrymen – The Last Wave
The Ferrymen – The Other Side
The Ferrymen – The Passenger
40 Watt Sun – A Thousand Miles
40 Watt Sun – Behind My Eyes
40 Watt Sun – Closure
40 Watt Sun – Colours
40 Watt Sun – Raise Me Up
40 Watt Sun – Reveal
40 Watt Sun – The Spaces In Between
40 Watt Sun – Until
Amenra – De Dood In Bloei (Alternate Mix)
Amenra – De Evenmens (Alternate Mix)
Amenra – Het Gloren (Alternate Mix)
Amenra – Ogentroost (Alternate Mix)
Amenra – Voor Immer (Alternate Mix)
Bleeding Zero – Bliss of the sea
Bleeding Zero – Ecce ancilla Musae
Bleeding Zero – In somnium Ars clamavit
Bleeding Zero – Life and death of Sybil Vane
Bleeding Zero – Parnassus
Bleeding Zero – Quest for myself
Bleeding Zero – Romanticynicism
Bleeding Zero – Sappho’s leap
Bleeding Zero – Saturnine
Bleeding Zero – Scenophiliac
Bleeding Zero – Terra Nova
Bleeding Zero – The Seal and the Siren
Bonehunter – Altered Beast
Bonehunter – Black Magic M16
Bonehunter – Chromium Death Mechanoid
Bonehunter – Dark Blood Reincarnation System
Bonehunter – Devil Power Soldier
Bonehunter – Gashadokuro
Bonehunter – Nightmare Angel 2099
Bonehunter – Parasite Eve
Bonehunter – Virgin Devil Princess
Bonehunter – World of Darkness
D-Tox – Big Bad Block
D-Tox – Black Powder Mastermind
D-Tox – Deceitful Divinity
D-Tox – Judas Goat
D-Tox – Nothing Behind Those Eyes
D-Tox – Oxyuranus
D-Tox – Psycko Wacko
D-Tox – Rorschach Maze
D-Tox – Splinter of Insane Lucidity
D-Tox – The Revolution Oracle
D-Tox – Twilight Bravado
D-Tox – White Angel
ERRA – Nigh To Silence
Estriver – Belonging
Estriver – Brighter Than the Sun
Estriver – Hiraeth
Estriver – Human Destiny
Estriver – March of the Black Flags
Estriver – Nails
Estriver – Primordial
Estriver – Slavery
Estriver – The Dreamer
Estriver – The Man Who Could Fly
Estriver – To Wish to Have a Human Nature
Estriver – Vision of Eden
Evadne – Ablaze Dawn Eyes
Evadne – Hollow Realms
Evadne – Shadows
Evadne – Silhouettes Of A Faceless Sun
Evadne – The Pale Light Of Fireflies
Evadne – The Vacuum
Evadne – Under Blessed Skies
Evadne – Where Silence Dwells
For The Storms – A Downfall
For The Storms – For the Storms to Come
For The Storms – Just Another Skull
For The Storms – Tombless
For The Storms – Unbound
Funeral – Dvelen
Funeral – Erindring I – Hovmod
Funeral – Erindring II – Fall
Funeral – Materie
Funeral – Oppvеkning
Funeral – Еnd
Lacrimosa – Augenschein
Lacrimosa – Celebrate The Darkness
Lacrimosa – Die Antwort Ist Schweigen
Lacrimosa – Die Liebenden
Lacrimosa – Exodus
Lacrimosa – Fьhr Mich Nochmal In Den Sturm
Lacrimosa – Kulturasche
Lacrimosa – Liebe Ьber Leben
Lacrimosa – Raubtier
Lacrimosa – The Daugther Of Coldness
Pantheist – Erroneous Elation
Pantheist – Of Stardust We Are Made (And to Dust We Shall Return)
Pantheist – Strange Times
Pantheist – Wilderness
Rhapsody Of Fire – Abyss Of Pain – Part II
Rhapsody Of Fire – Chains Of Destiny (Quingdar)
Rhapsody Of Fire – Eternal Snow
Rhapsody Of Fire – Glory For Salvation
Rhapsody Of Fire – I’ll Be Your Hero
Rhapsody Of Fire – Infinitae Gloriae
Rhapsody Of Fire – La Esencia De Un Rey
Rhapsody Of Fire – Magic Signs
Rhapsody Of Fire – Maid Of The Secret Sand
Rhapsody Of Fire – Son Of Vengeance
Rhapsody Of Fire – Terial The Hawk
Rhapsody Of Fire – The Kingdom Of Ice
Rhapsody Of Fire – Un’ode Per L’eroe
Luca di Gennaro – A Rose in the Sand
Luca di Gennaro – Chasing Next
Luca di Gennaro – Climb
Luca di Gennaro, David Wise – Into the Rainfall
Luca di Gennaro, Maria Barbieri, Stefano Festinese, Frank Cavezza – The 2nd Coming
Luca di Gennaro – Route 24
Luca di Gennaro – Shannon Tree
Luca di Gennaro – The Spiteful Lair
Marco mattei – After Tomorrow
Marco mattei – Anymore
Marco mattei – Gone
Marco mattei – Hidden Gems
Marco mattei – I’ll Be Born
Marco mattei – Lullaby for You
Marco mattei – More Intense
Marco mattei – On Your Side
Marco mattei – Picture in a Frame
Marco mattei – Tomorrow
Marco mattei – Void
Marco mattei – Would I Be Me
Steve Hackett – Day Of The Dead
Steve Hackett – Esperanza
Steve Hackett – Fox’s Tango
Steve Hackett – Held In The Shadows
Steve Hackett – Natalia
Steve Hackett – Relaxation Music For Sharks (Featuring Feeding Frenzy)
Steve Hackett – Scorched Earth
Steve Hackett – Shanghai To Samarkand
Steve Hackett – The Devil’s Cathedral
Steve Hackett – The Obliterati
Steve Hackett – Wingbeats
Rastlos – Aussterben
Rastlos – Du Fehlst
Rastlos – Egoficker
Rastlos – Feind
Rastlos – Inkompatibel
Rastlos – Kaelte
Rastlos – Kein Ort
Rastlos – Kreise
Rastlos – Schatten
Rastlos – Selbstbetrug
Rastlos – Selbstverbot
Rastlos – Stille (Feat. T.I.M.)
Rastlos – Tage
Rastlos – Tod Der Kommunikation
Rastlos – Vergaenglichkeit
Rastlos – Wenn Die Masken Fallen
Rastlos – Worte
Rastlos – Zu Viel
Schaengelaeng – Arroganz
Schaengelaeng – Du Bist Du
Schaengelaeng – Fuck You
Schaengelaeng – Leben
Schaengelaeng – Menschenleben
Schaengelaeng – Niemandsland
Schaengelaeng – Scheisse Bleibt Scheisse
Schaengelaeng – Sei Bereit
Schaengelaeng – Sicherheit
Schaengelaeng – Vergaenglichkeit
Terrorist In Mind – Aufstehn (Featuring Rudi Rastlos)
Terrorist In Mind – Beton (Featuring Rudi Rastlos)
Terrorist In Mind – Blitzkrieg Bob (Featuring The Fhamtom)
Terrorist In Mind – Boots Are Made For Walking (Featuring The Fhamtom)
Terrorist In Mind – Bubble Tea (Featuring Rudi Rastlos)
Terrorist In Mind – Day After Day (Featuring Rudi Rastlos)
Terrorist In Mind – Die Angst In Mir (Featuring Oile Von Blanker Hohn)
Terrorist In Mind – Eigentlich Akustik (Featuring Uwe Z.)
Terrorist In Mind – Gewaesch (Featuring Rudi Rastlos)
Terrorist In Mind – Ich Werde Es (Featuring Rudi Rastlos)
Terrorist In Mind – I Wanna Be Sedated (Featuring The Fhamtom)
Terrorist In Mind – Letzte Nacht (Featuring Rudi Rastlos)
Terrorist In Mind – Maina-Mensch-Human (Featuring Shani MC)
Terrorist In Mind – Mein Freundd Murphy (Featuring Dennis Von Nixda!)
Terrorist In Mind – Nein Verdammt (Featuring Rudi Rastlos)
Terrorist In Mind – Nervoes (Featuring Rudi Rastlos)
Terrorist In Mind – No Pie In Sky (Featuring Sextoy Ramirez)
Terrorist In Mind – Nothing Is Left (Featuring Sextoy Ramirez)
Terrorist In Mind – Sanity (Featuring Rudi Rastlos)
Terrorist In Mind – Self-Denial Is A Valuable Thing (Featuring Sextoy Ramirez)
Terrorist In Mind – Smart Editor (Featuring Sextoy Ramirez)
Terrorist In Mind – Sword Of Damocles (Featuring Sextoy Ramirez)
Terrorist In Mind – Terroristen (Featuring E-Aldi)
Terrorist In Mind – Teufels Kueche (Featuring Daniel Von Dan Scary)
Terrorist In Mind – Unwiderstehlich (Featuring Rudi Rastlos)
Terrorist In Mind – Viva La Revolution (Featuring The Phamtom & The Opera)
Terrorist In Mind – Warhead (Featuring The Fhamtom)
Kreator – All Of The Same Blood1
Kreator – All Of The Same Blood
Kreator – Betrayer
Kreator – Bitter Sweet Revenge
Kreator – Coma Of Souls
Kreator – Extreme Aggression
Kreator – Flag Of Hate
Kreator – Ghetto War
Kreator – Lost
Kreator – Mind On Fire
Kreator – People Of The Lie
Kreator – Phobia
Kreator – Pleasure To Kill
Kreator – Reconquering The Throne1
Kreator – Reconquering The Throne
Kreator – Renewal
Kreator – Replicas Of Life
Kreator – Riot Of Violence
Kreator – Second Awakening
Kreator – Servant In Heaven – King In Hell1
Kreator – Servant In Heaven – King In Hell
Kreator – Slavery Machinery
Kreator – System Decay
Kreator – Terrible Certainty
Kreator – Terror Zone
Kreator – The Patriarch
Kreator – Tormentor
Kreator – Violent Revolution1
Kreator – Violent Revolution
Mystic Storm – Along The Coasts Of Stygia
Mystic Storm – Beheaded
Mystic Storm – Clang Of Swords
Mystic Storm – In The Throes Of Evil
Mystic Storm – Nightmare
Mystic Storm – Riddle Of Steel
Mystic Storm – Ritual
Mystic Storm – The End
Mystic Storm – Vultures In The Sky
ReaPteR – 10 Days
ReaPteR – Cold War
ReaPteR – Eve
ReaPteR – No Backwards Step
ReaPteR – Riot
ReaPteR – The Way Out
ReaPteR – Timeless
ReaPteR – Wall of Death
Slaughter Messiah – Bells Of Damnation
Slaughter Messiah – Black Speed Terror
Slaughter Messiah – Blasphemous Exhumation
Slaughter Messiah – Consecration
Slaughter Messiah – Cosmic Funeral (The Great Old Ones)
Slaughter Messiah – Crypt Of The Undead1
Slaughter Messiah – Crypt Of The Undead
Slaughter Messiah – Dead Shall Rise (Terrorizer Cover)
Slaughter Messiah – Demon
Slaughter Messiah – Die In Fire (Bathory Cover)1
Slaughter Messiah – Die In Fire (Bathory Cover)
Slaughter Messiah – Hills County Witch Trial
Slaughter Messiah – N.W.O.B.H.M. (New Wave Of Belgian Heavy Metal)1
Slaughter Messiah – N.W.O.B.H.M. (New Wave Of Belgian Heavy Metal)
Slaughter Messiah – Slaughter Messiah
Slaughter Messiah – Swamp Of Torment
Slaughter Messiah – The Lament Configuration
Slaughter Messiah – Visual Aggression
Wreck-Defy – Bring It All Down
Wreck-Defy – Crushing the Coward
Wreck-Defy – Death by War
Wreck-Defy – Fashionably Offended
Wreck-Defy – Form of Release
Wreck-Defy – I’d Share Your Grave
Wreck-Defy – Kill the Pain
Wreck-Defy – Moment of Clarity
Wreck-Defy – Obey
Wreck-Defy – Tow the Line