Rock Pack – 163 Tracks – [25-Nov]

Beach Bunny – Oxygen (Clean)
Big Wreck – Beano (Clean)
Big Wreck – Fields (Clean)
Big Wreck – High On The Hog (Clean)
Big Wreck – If All Else Fails (Clean)
Boris – Reincarnation Rose
Carolyn Wonderland – Broken Hearted Blues
Carolyn Wonderland – Crack In The Wall
Carolyn Wonderland – Fortunate Few
Carolyn Wonderland – Fragile Peace And Certain War
Carolyn Wonderland – Honey Bee
Carolyn Wonderland – It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry
Carolyn Wonderland – Loser
Carolyn Wonderland – On My Feet Again
Carolyn Wonderland – Texas Girl And Her Boots
Carolyn Wonderland – The Laws Must Change
Eddie Vedder – The Haves (Clean)
Ike Reilly – Ashes to Ashes
Ike Reilly – Fuck The Good Old Days
Ike Reilly – Healing Side Of The Night
Ike Reilly – Laura
Ike Reilly – Little Messiahs
Ike Reilly – Racquel Blue
Ike Reilly – Someday Tonight (Ode To Kenosha)
Ike Reilly – The Failure Of St. Michael
Ike Reilly – The Muhammad Ali Museum
Ike Reilly – Trick Of The Light
Jake Shimabukuro Amy Grant Vince Gill – Something (feat. Vince Gill and Amy Grant)
Jake Shimabukuro Asleep At The Wheel Ray Benson – Wrapping Paper (feat. Ray Benson & Asleep At The Wheel)
Jake Shimabukuro Bette Midler – The Rose (feat. Bette Midler)
Jake Shimabukuro Billy Strings – Smokin’ Strings (feat. Billy Strings)
Jake Shimabukuro Jack Johnson Paula Fuga – A Place In The Sun (feat. Jack Johnson with Paula Fuga)
Jake Shimabukuro Jesse Colin Young – Get Together (feat. Jesse Colin Young)
Jake Shimabukuro Jimmy Buffett – Come Monday (feat. Jimmy Buffett)
Jake Shimabukuro Jon Anderson – A Day In The Life (feat. Jon Anderson)
Jake Shimabukuro Kenny Loggins – Why Not
Jake Shimabukuro Lukas Nelson – Find Yourself (feat. Lukas Nelson)
Jake Shimabukuro Michael McDonald – Go Now (feat. Michael McDonald)
Jake Shimabukuro Moon Taxi – Two High
Jake Shimabukuro Sonny Landreth – Sonny Days Ahead (feat. Sonny Landreth)
Jake Shimabukuro Warren Haynes – On The Road To Freedom (feat. Warren Haynes)
Jake Shimabukuro Willie Nelson – Stardust (feat. Willie Nelson)
Jake Shimabukuro Ziggy Marley – All You Need Is Love (feat. Ziggy Marley)
Man With A Mission – 86 Missed Calls (Feat. Patrick Stump)
Man With A Mission – Anonymous
Man With A Mission – Between Fiction And Friction I
Man With A Mission – Break And Cross The Walls
Man With A Mission – Change The World
Man With A Mission – Evergreen
Man With A Mission – Into The Deep
Man With A Mission – Klaxon Mark
Man With A Mission – Merry-Go-Round
Man With A Mission – Remember Me
Man With A Mission – Subliminal
Man With A Mission – Telescope
Man With A Mission – Thunderstruck
Man With A Mission – Yoake
Radwimps – Blame Summer
Radwimps – Grand Escape
Radwimps – Inujarashi
Radwimps – Iron Feather
Radwimps – Kaiba
Radwimps – Kataware
Radwimps – Makafuka
Radwimps – Shiwakucha (Feat. Awich)
Radwimps – Summer Daze 2021
Radwimps – Togenkyo
Radwimps – Tokumeikibo
Radwimps – Tokyo (Feat. Iri)
Radwimps – Twilight
Radwimps – Utakata-Uta (Feat. Masaki Suda)
Texas King – You (Clean)
Waffentrдger Luzifers – Attitude (Misfits Cover)
Waffentrдger Luzifers – Black Cult Will Never Die!
Waffentrдger Luzifers – Black Metal Possession
Waffentrдger Luzifers – I Am the Son of Satan
Waffentrдger Luzifers – I Hate…
Waffentrдger Luzifers – Judas Christ Homo Sexist
Waffentrдger Luzifers – New World Order
Waffentrдger Luzifers – Sadogoat – Rape the Whore
Waffentrдger Luzifers – Satans Leibstandarte
Waffentrдger Luzifers – Teufelsterror
Waffentrдger Luzifers – Vom Weltensturz und des Gehцrnten Auferstehung Part II
Waffentrдger Luzifers – Ziegengott – Vцlkermord
The 450s – Black Tar
The 450s – Crawl
The 450s – Drown
The 450s – Flowers for Columbine
The 450s – Gracy Is It Heavy
The 450s – Lost Girl Confused
The 450s – Lucy Walk Away
The 450s – Lust and Denial
The 450s – One King
The 450s – She’s My Morphine
The 450s – The Suspect
The 450s – When God Won’t Forgive You
Aschenvater – Blut auf schwarzem Sand Im Todesrausch
Aschenvater – Der Beginn Tag der Abrechnung
Aschenvater – Durch das Kadavermeer Geschenke des Krieges
Aschenvater – Im Feuersturm Entfesselte Gotter
Aschenvater – Massaker Echos
Aschenvater – Sturmreif Der Verraterkonig
Aschenvater – Verrater Visionen der Holle
Covidectomy – Axiomatic Transgression
Covidectomy – Enigmatic Origin
Covidectomy – Enslaved by Artificial Intelligence
Covidectomy – Human Malignancy
Covidectomy – Infertility Injection
Covidectomy – Molecular Entropy
Covidectomy – Neurowarfare
Covidectomy – Populate. Indoctrinate. Dominate.
Stormgrey – 666
Stormgrey – DNA of Chaos
Stormgrey – Fuel Named Hate
Stormgrey – Grinder for Thy Flesh
Stormgrey – Poisoned Light
Stormgrey – Suicide for Pleasure
Stormgrey – When Blood Runs Cold
Stormgrey – Womb of Darkness
Hearts & Hand Grenades – Bad Medicine
Hearts & Hand Grenades – Beautiful Pain
Hearts & Hand Grenades – Between the Lines
Hearts & Hand Grenades – Black Sunset
Hearts & Hand Grenades – Illogical
Hearts & Hand Grenades, Ludwig van Beethoven – Moonlight
Hearts & Hand Grenades – Scream It Out
Hearts & Hand Grenades – Secret
Hearts & Hand Grenades – Tragedy
Hearts & Hand Grenades – Wait
N.O.B. – Bis Die Maske Fallt
N.O.B. – Die Hauptrollen
N.O.B. – Die Letzten An Der Bar
N.O.B. – Feindbild
N.O.B. – Ich Will Nicht Verandern
N.O.B. – Kraut’s
N.O.B. – N.O.B
N.O.B. – Outro
N.O.B. – V.D.A.N
N.O.B. – Wir Sind Die Antwort
N.O.B. – Wir Zusammen
Wild Freedom – End of Our Stars
Wild Freedom – I Am the Storm
Wild Freedom, Jessie Williams – Promise
Wild Freedom – Meteor
Wild Freedom – Monsters
Wild Freedom – My Life
Wild Freedom – New Dawn
Wild Freedom – Rain
Wild Freedom – What is Human
The Cure – Boys Don’t Cry (Live)
The Cure – Charlotte Sometimes (Live)
The Cure – Cut (Live)
The Cure – Doin’ The Unstuck (Live)
The Cure – End (Live)
The Cure – Fascination Street (Live)
The Cure – High (Live)
The Cure – Intro (Live)
The Cure – In Your House (Live)
The Cure – Just Like Heaven (Live)
The Cure – Lullaby (Live)
The Cure – Never Enough (Live)
The Cure – Open (Live)
The Cure – Pictures Of You (Live)