released list new song Electro House Vol.1776, Progressive House – [31-Mar]

3rd Personality – Keepin’ Me (Extended Mix) Adelphos – Multifoil (Kaspar Tasane Remix) Alexander S. Karlov – Let It Go (AC Lights Remix) Alex Spite – Astral Alex Spite – ElectroDog Alex Spite – Melodic Cosmonaut Alex Spite – My Key Alex Spite – Never Give Up Alex Spite – Space Flight Alex Spite – To Break Allan Zax – Boundless Luminosity (Original Mix) AnToN KuRT – Repeat After Me (Dan Sonic Remix) Ariel Lander, Oosfera – Sparks (Yuriy From Russia Remix) Ben Coda – Chemical Code (Digital Committee Remix) Ben Coda – Chemical Code (MNGRM Remix) Ben Coda – Chemical Code (MYDA Remix) Blem & ILY – Go Up (Original Mix) Bodybangers – Gypsy Woman (Original Mix) Brian Cid – Cometas Y Cometas (Original Mix) Cebestian.V, Elgone – Rising Sun (Pad One Remix) Charming Horses, Lutricia Mc Neal – Ain’t That Just The Way (Extended Mix) Color Ray – First Light (Lateral Cut Groove Remix) David Guetta, MORTEN – Detroit 3 AM (Extended) Devault – Need To Know (Original Mix) Devault – Pleasure (Original Mix) Devault, Power Glove – Intrusion (Original Mix) Devault – Seeing Clear Now (Original Mix) Devault – Velvet (Original Mix) DJ 19 – Back Up Again (ED.E Remix) DJ 19, Dan Sonic – Feeling This (Allan Zax Remix) DJ 19 – Music Washes Away From The Soul The Dust Of Everyday Life (Robert Alexander Remix) Dowden – Wraith (Original Mix) Elgone – Leave The Light On (Christian Monique Remix) Elgone – Rain And Thunder (Ariel Lander & Oosfera Remix) Elgone – Sound Of Machines (Original Mix) Elias Uberhausen – Etul (Original Mix) Ephwurd – Bump (Original Mix) Eric Houbron – Eta Centauri (Original Mix) Exodus, Kirin, Kris Kiss – Let That Bang (Extended Mix) EZI, Graves – I’m Fine (Original Mix) Facade – The Owl & The Butterfly (Original Mix) F-Act – Beautiful Body (Original Mix) F-Act – Did You Know (Original Mix) F-Act – Everything Is Clear (Original Mix) F-Act – Now I Dream Of You (Original Mix) Frankie M – Dark Butterfly (Jorge Viana Remix) Galantis, Hook n Sling feat. Dotan – Never Felt A Love Like This (Extended VIP Mix) HÄWK (IT) – Freak (Extended Mix) HUMNG – Unstoppable (Original Mix) John Dopping – Vermillion (The Stupid Experts Remix) Kremerk – Lose Control (Extended Mix) Le Dib – Make You Whole Lisitsyn & Wallmers feat. Irina Makosh – Silent Tears (A-Mase & Frankie Remix) Liz Cirelli – Cepheid (Liz Cirelli Good To Be Back Mix) Liz Cirelli – Cepheid (The Wash Tribute Remix) Meltek – Need You (Original Mix) MOTi, Ames – In Particular (Electrick Village Remix) MOTi, BODYWORX – Instagram DJ (Capsalon Remix) MOTi – Work (eedion Remix) Mr. Pig, Bzars & Sapir Amar Blue Dreams Nitro Fun – Hidden Level Now United – Come Together Ordinary, Hanzy, Sheezan – Never Liked You (Extended Mix) Pizarro – Missing You (Original Version) Pop Francis, Riki Ros – Keep Bass (Original Mix) Rinzen – Siren Song (Enamour Remix) Rudy UK – Real You (Bluum Remix) Secret Sam – Dreamer (Original Mix) Serge Landar – Technology (Original Mix) Serge Landar – The Future (Original Mix) Shakira, Anuel AA – Me Gusta (Vadim Adamov & Hardphol Remix) Shapeless – Moonlight Sonata (Original Mix) Stan Kolev – Samsara (Original Mix) Stil & Bense – Rise (Original Mix) Stil & Bense – Solid Clouds (Original Mix) Sunflare – Last Walk (Original Mix) Sunflare – Nothing Is True (Original Mix) Tepr – 1980 (Original Mix) The Glitch Mob – Chemicals (Original Mix) The Him – Freestyle Scientist (Extended Mix) The XX – Crystalised (Dubdogz & JØRD Bootleg) Tinlicker – Bird Feeder (Deeparture Extended Mix) Tinlicker ft Belle Doron – Close Your Eyes (Grum Extended Mix) Tinlicker – When The Light Fades (Tom Zeta Extended Mix) Veljko Jovic, Natalie Dime – Nothing Lasts Forever (Original Mix) Vivid, Justin Prime – Don’t Stop (Extended Mix) Wahlstedt, RudeLies feat. Next To Neon – Something You Said Xpansions – You Used To Salsa (Extended Mix)