RCA Groovy Songbirds (2019) Mp3 – [05-Sep]

Ann-Margret – Hey, Little Star
Ann-Margret – I Was Only Kidding
Barbara Cooper – The Playground
Barbara Cooper – What’s One More Tear
Betty Barnes – The Sky Without The Sun (I Just Can’t Make It Alone)
Betty Barnes – Walking Down Broadway
Gia Mateo – If You Can’t Say Anything Nice
Gia Mateo – Sailor Lover Boy
Lesley Miller – I Talk To Your Picture
Lesley Miller – (You Got A Way Of) Bringin’ Out My Tears
Linda Scott – They Don’t Know You
Linda Scott – Three Miles High
Nancy Adams – I Wanna Hear It From You
Nancy Adams – Lipstick Paint A Smile On Me
Peggy March – Aren’t You Glad
Peggy March – Thinking Through My Tears
Reparata & The Delrons – I Can Hear The Rain
Reparata & The Delrons – I Can Tell
Skeeter Davis – I Can’t Stay Mad at You
Skeeter Davis – Summer Sunshine
Suzy Wallis – Little Things Like That
Suzy Wallis – Tell Him
Tami Vincent – If It Hadn’t Been For You
Tami Vincent – When I Fall In Love
The Angels – But for Love
The Angels – I Had A Dream I Lost You