Psy-Trance – [14-Jun]

Abraxas – Keep Me Hight [Neptunes Records]
Act One – Unhinged [Hekwapi Records]
Aday – Hybrid Rythm [Hekwapi Records]
Asylom – Undesirable Effects [Hekwapi Records]
Awen – Mahakaya [Upward Records]
AXIS-Y – Under The Stars (Bassam Jalid Remix) [Adrenalize Recordings]
AXIS-Y – Under The Stars (Nebula System) [Adrenalize Recordings]
AXIS-Y – Under The Stars (Nico Cranxx Remix) [Adrenalize Recordings]
AXIS-Y – Under The Stars (Stek Remix) [Adrenalize Recordings]
Black Marvin – In Sterquiliniis Invenitur [Dinamode Records]
Black Marvin – In Sterquiliniis Invenitur (Extended Mix) [Dinamode Records]
Bubble Mind – Psychotropics [Progg’n’Roll]
Creepy Deep & Weirdbass – What the Fur Is Going On [Hekwapi Records]
Critter & Gadikt – Cluster [Hekwapi Records]
Delta Species & Alicid – Lysergic Love (Pandora Remix) [Monkey In Space Records]
Desired Reaction – Magnetism [Hekwapi Records]
Divination – Exit the Void [Expo Records]
Dudiish & Polifonia Records – Bass Invasion [Polifonia Records]
E.V.O.K – Infinite Metaphor [Elleva Records]
Fixmix – Rundel [SYNK87]
FowlOwl – Nocturnal Hunters [UP Records Australia]
Funcster – Hattori Siti (feat. Flight Attendant Jahvett) [Geomagnetic]
Goamantra – Space Is Close (Extended Mix) [Neostatics Sounds]
Goamantra – Space Is Close (Radio Mix) [Neostatics Sounds]
Haldolium – A Fire to Come [Blue Tunes Records]
Haldolium – Lose Yourself [Blue Tunes Records]
Hexaliohm – Binary Device [Hexaliohm]
Hypnospores & Angry Beavers – 1943 [Hekwapi Records]
Ipotocaticac – A Lesson from Solaris [Atomes Music]
Ipotocaticac – Dysto [Atomes Music]
Ipotocaticac – Grey Clouds [Atomes Music]
Ipotocaticac & Kek Heh – Neutrino [Atomes Music]
Ipotocaticac & Kitsune – Light-Winged Smoke [Atomes Music]
Ipotocaticac & Le Malinard – Le Petit Animal Mange-serrure [Atomes Music]
Ipotocaticac – Les Courants De L’Espace [Atomes Music]
Ipotocaticac – Mescalito [Atomes Music]
Ipotocaticac – Night Walk [Atomes Music]
Ipotocaticac – X_Y [Atomes Music]
Kalicell – Groove Shutter [Hekwapi Records]
L3AF – Duck [Phantom Unit]
L3AF – ION0 (Incompatible) [Phantom Unit]
L3AF – Ion0 [Phantom Unit]
L3AF – Pain [Phantom Unit]
Mavzy – La Ke Bon [Hekwapi Records]
Mekkanikka – Summer Slam [United Beats Records]
Mombi Yuleman – Abominable Snowball [T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi]
Mombi Yuleman – Microscopic Lost Worlds [T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi]
Mombi Yuleman – Phantasmagioia [T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi]
Mombi Yuleman – Strangers from Time and Space [T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi]
Ne Yam – Snow White [TesseracTstudio]
Odiseo & Mr. Garden – Dancing Master [Blue Tunes Records]
Oksha – Bakwango [Hekwapi Records]
Parasynthax – Surreal Inclusion [Maharetta Records]
Parasynthax – Twisted Perspective [Maharetta Records]
Patchbay & Frenetic – Presence of Light [Mosaico]
Phenomenal & Miirage – Water Is Life [Psyfeature]
Planet Pluton – Power of the Mind [7SD Records]
Professor Xavier – Mutation [iM Electronica]
Protoform – Quantum Field [X7M Blaze]
Psyosoy – Cause and Effect [Geomagnetic]
Psyosoy – Rhythm [Geomagnetic]
Psyosoy – Vibration [Geomagnetic]
PsySon – Bipolar Disorder [Artistfy Music]
PsySon – Depression [Artistfy Music]
PsySon – Mania [Artistfy Music]
PsySon – Misanthropy at 200 BPM [Artistfy Music]
Purple Shapes – Echoes from Around the Moon [Sacred Technology]
Purple Shapes – Ether [Sacred Technology]
Purple Shapes – Jack’s Living Room [Sacred Technology]
Purple Shapes – Jack the Ripper [Sacred Technology]
Purple Shapes – Kuebiko [Sacred Technology]
Purple Shapes – Pendulum [Sacred Technology]
Purple Shapes – Reflect [Sacred Technology]
Purple Shapes – Take Four [Sacred Technology]
Purple Shapes – The Boogie Man [Sacred Technology]
Purple Shapes – The Psychologist [Sacred Technology]
Purple Shapes – What Did It Want. [Sacred Technology]
Redoma – Be There or Be Square [Sonitum Records]
Redoma – Spooky Halloweed [Sonitum Records]
Samuel Roos – Hollow [Resonance Space]
Sixsense – Alien Chemistry [Sixsense Music]
Sixsense – Expand Your Consciousness [Sixsense Music]
Sixsense – Infected Reality (Remix) [Sixsense Music]
Sixsense – Lunar Eclipse (Remix) [Sixsense Music]
Sixsense – Mega Voltz (Remix 2022) [Sixsense Music]
Sixsense – Open Your Eyes [Sixsense Music]
Sixsense – When the Sun Goes Down (Remix 2022) [Sixsense Music]
Slip Hypnotic – Blisters [Zenon Records]
Slip Hypnotic & Brojanowski – Just Think About It [Zenon Records]
Slip Hypnotic – Dododoudou [Zenon Records]
Slip Hypnotic – Don’t Touch What’s Hot [Zenon Records]
Slip Hypnotic – Electrypeyes [Zenon Records]
Slip Hypnotic – Eyebrows Are Necessary [Zenon Records]
Slip Hypnotic – Omelet [Zenon Records]
Slip Hypnotic – Yazon [Zenon Records]
Waio, Laughing Buddha & Frostbite – Patterns [Nano Records]
X-Panded – Without Religion [Electronica Rave Records]