Producer Pack


Ask Video Audio Concepts 108 DAW Studio Setup and Design
Ask Video Launchpad Pro 101 Launchpad Pro The Video Manual
Ask Video Mastering 101 Daniel Wyatts Mastering Tips
CreativeLive Axe-Fx Master Class
CreativeLive Circuit Bending Making Music By Rewiring Toys and Devices
CreativeLive Superior Drummer Master Class
CreativeLive Using the Axe-Fx
David Glenn Mixing Low End FULL
Groove3 Arturia Synthi V Explained UPDATE TUTORiAL
Groove3 Cubase Creative Sound Design
Groove3 Dorico 3 1 Update Explained
Groove3 iZotope Ozone 9 1 UPDATE Explained
Groove3 Producing a Song with Native Instruments TUTORiAL
Groove3 reFX NEXUS3 Explained
Groove3 Synthwave Production Explained
Lynda Using Reason As A Plugin TUTORiAL-DECiBEL\
Production Music Live Chords and Progressions FL Studio TUTORiAL-DECiBEL\
PUREMIX How To Listen Pultec Edition TUTORiAL
PUREMIX Inside The Mix Jamiroquai with Mick Guzauski TUTORiAL
Skillshare Music Composition Create Powerful Rhythmic Ostinatos TUTORiAL\
Skillshare Writing Music 101 Create a Chord Progression in a Major Key TUTORiAL\
Skillshare Sound Design Create Power FX for Music Production
Skillshare Sound Design Sub Drops and Downers
Skillshare The History of Electronic Dance Music in the 20th Century
Sonic Academy Dirty Tech House with Ekoboy TUTORiAL
Sonic Academy Fix My Mix Episode 1 with Phil Johnston and Chris Agnelli TUTORiAL
Sonic Academy How To Make Tech House with Mescal Kids TUTORiAL
Sonic Academy How To Make Trance Tigerlily with Jaytech TUTORiAL
Sonic Academy Tech Tips Volume 49 with Owsey TUTORiAL
Sonic Academy Track Walkthroughs Rene Amesz Frust TUTORiAL
Soulsound School Learn How to Mix Front of House for Live Bands
The Recording Revolution REthink Your Room
Udemy Bo Arise How to make a Drake type beat for Beginners in Fl Studio 20
Udemy Complete Audio Production Course Record & Mix Better Audio
Udemy Music Business Find Music Publishing and Licensing Placements
Udemy Singing Musical Theatre Vocal Skills
Udemy The Business of Music DIY BaDaBoom
Whole Loops OZONE MASTER SAUCE Ozone Mastering Presets+TUTORiAL XML MP4\
Lick Library – Learn To Play 80’s Guitar Riffs rar