Passenger 10 – Thuringia

Passenger 10 – Thuringia [Enormous Tunes – ETR557]

Welcome to the second part of PASSENGER 10’s medieval EP.
3 tracks, 3 times the fun.
You know I always use this platform to write some nonsense about my life. So let’s not break with this tradition and give you some insides about this EP of mine. I wanted to create a few more tracks to celebrate the medieval times and combine modern house and progressive house music with some cinematic and ancient sounds and melodies. As in the last EP I have a more melodic track (THURINGIA), one that is approaching the DJ world (SARACENS) and one that can’t be sorted anywhere and is just a personal choice of mine (DAYS OF YORE). Let me just add, it was a lot of fun to finish those tracks and there is part 3 scheduled for Christmas this year. But with part 3, I promise, this will end and I will move on to another funny idea. And for those who know me, I don’t lack of crazy ideas. The only question is, how good are those ideas… well, let me surprise you…
And now enjoy the music. PASSENGER 10


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