new Top 100 songs House, Jackin House dj music – [12-Nov]

Adri Block & Paul Parsons – You Got Soul
Belmont Boys – De Nada
Chapter, Verse – Release Yourself (Original Mix)
Danny Cruz – I Want Your Soul (Mirko & Meex Remix)
DJ Dan, Marc Rousso-Party Like It’s 1989 (Club Mix)
DJ WADY – Desires (Bruce Banner Vocal Remix)
ELZACE – Good 4 Nothing (Extended Mix) [Total Freedom +]
ELZACE – Good 4 Nothing (Radio Edit) [Total Freedom +]
Emre Tuna – Such a Whore [Xmax Records]
Federico Weish – Mother (Qubiko Remix)
Freefall – Ms. Behave (Late Night Drive Mix)
Gary Caos – Step Up (Original Mix)
Gio Silva & Darek Sotelo – Los Mexicanos [Silva Records]
Jo Paciello – Here I Am [Shocking Sounds Records]
KVDR – Come True [Xmax Records]
Larry Scottish – Wish You Know [Complex Destroyerz]
Larry Scottish – Wish You Know (Radio Edit) [Complex Destroyerz]
Leo Blanco – The Cha Cha (Drama Dub Mix) [Drum-Ah Records]
Leo Blanco – The Cha Cha (Drama Mix) [Drum-Ah Records]
Leo Blanco – The Cha Cha [Drum-Ah Records]
Leo Blanco – The Cha Cha (Dub Mix) [Drum-Ah Records]
Levis Della – Bad Bitch [Xmax Records]
Lis Sarroca – Razz (4004 Remix) [Vicario Musique Recordings]
Lis Sarroca – Razz [Vicario Musique Recordings]
Lis Sarroca – We Are All [Vicario Musique Recordings]
Listen! & Ignacio Robles – This Is Real [Smells Good Records]
LO’99 – Acid Worldwide (Extended Mix)
Lohrasp Kansara – I Can’t Tell You (Extended Mix)
Mario Rivano , Maickel Telussa – Come To Me (Original Mix)
MaTo Locos – Like Love [Jackpot Records Italy]
MaTo Locos – Like Love (Radio Edit) [Jackpot Records Italy]
Matt Crisis – Dirty [Gold Deeper]
Matt Crisis – Ending Night [Gold Deeper]
M. Fischer & Chilltone – Don’t Go Easy [Blacktone]
Mike Catherall – Buggin’ (Original Mix)
Milo S feat. Mielou – Higher (Extended Mix)
Nolek – My Love (Original Mix)
Oli Harper & Maggie Szabo – Free Falling (Extended Mix)
Oli Hodges – Trust in You [13 Records]
Plastiqe Mojo – Shake Ur Body [2U Records]
Reformed Society – Cosmic Perspective [Funnuvojere Records]
Reformed Society – Night Vision [Funnuvojere Records]
Reformed Society – Sci-Fi Love Story [Funnuvojere Records]
Reformed Society – Space Corridor [Funnuvojere Records]
RIMEDAG – Distorted [Aphthong Records]
RIMEDAG – Enigma [Aphthong Records]
RIMEDAG – Grotesque [Aphthong Records]
Roger Da’Silva – Let’s Get Together [Simma Black]
Roger Da’Silva – Planet [Simma Black]
Rubber People & Boogietraxx – Be Real (Original Mix)
Santeli & Bigstate – I Know (Original Club Mix)
SeeEyeGee – Make It Through (Extended) [MP4W Records]
Smokey ‘Bubblin’ B – Baby [Simma Black]
Smokey ‘Bubblin’ B – Ecstacy [Simma Black]
Smokey ‘Bubblin’ B – Streatham Boogie [Simma Black]
Softpaw & TOSCANA – Do U Wanna (Din Jay Remix) [Groovy Riddim Records]
Softpaw & TOSCANA – Do U Wanna [Groovy Riddim Records]
Syllie G – Body Move [Instant Groove Records]
The Cube Guys – Passion (Cubed Remix 2020)
The Weeknd – After Hours (Junior Sanchez Remix)
T.Markakis & MAKITO – The Game [Little Jack]
Tony Junior & G-Pol – Matveevskaya (feat. Dimma Urih) [Actuation]
Yvette Lindquist x Carmen Gonzalez – What Your Heart Is Saying (Extended)
Filta Freqz – 1 Time [Seventy Four]
Filta Freqz – Do Our Thing [Seventy Four]
Freshcobar – Bring That Beat Back (Extended Mix) [Which Bottle ]
Freshcobar – Bring That Beat Back (Radio Edit) [Which Bottle ]
Freshcobar & Lavelle Dupree – Make It Hot (Extended Mix) [Which Bottle ]
Freshcobar & Lavelle Dupree – Make It Hot (Radio Edit) [Which Bottle ]
Kris Ferreri – Booha [Native Warrior]
Omson – Arenzano [Juiced Music]
OnDaMiKe – Battlefield (Funky Mix) [Ravesta Records]
OnDaMiKe – Shiny Lights [Ravesta Records]
OnDaMiKe – The Touch (VIP Mix) [Ravesta Records]
OnDaMiKe – The Wall (Bassline Mix) [Ravesta Records]
Thomas K – Highest Bidder [Turtle Wax Recordings]