Miami Top 50 Summer 19 – [17-Aug]

Action Disco – Rhythm & Beats
Benny Jones – Flow Motion
Brazzers In The House – No Matter
Brian Rogers – Tech the House
Connor B – Let the Bass Kick
Curtis Feldt – Being of You (Vip Mix)
Dave Morales – Never
Dave Turner – House Healed Me
Dirty Data – Consider (Dub Mix)
Dirty Data – Consider
Dirty Stabs – Fire Burning
Dirty Steppa – Bubble Gum
DJ Kristina Mailana – Drifting Blocks
Empty Rollers – What I Need
Federico Rosano – Throws Up (Remastered Mix)
Francesco Berardino – Seems Like
Frank Morello – Go Back
Garry James – One Town
Henrick Roberts – To the Underground
Jack Bugs – Dirty
John Belotto – Bass Rock (Remastered Dub Mix)
John Slater – Drop Way
Joseph Brown – Earthquake (Remastered Mix)
Jungle Jaxx – Disco Baby
Kylie Walker – What Is Better
Long Trains – Bring the Funk
Martin Gaye – Old School Vibes
Michael Beltone – Blow Your Mind (Dub Mix)
Michael Beltone – Blow Your Mind
Miss Janes – Mess Around (Vip Mix)
Nicole Wane – What You Want (Rebuild Mix)
Peyton Williams – House Music in Me
Raven Jordan – Prado
Ray Sanches – Back to Me
Sandy Lee – Amazing (Dub Mix)
Sandy Lee – Amazing
Sandy Williams – Something
Slam The Jam – Hot Feeling (Bounce Dub Mix)
Slam The Jam – Hot Feeling (Bounce Mix)
Stefan Elray – Riverside
Steve Jameson – Break It Down
Steve Montana – For Love
Superfreak – Get Down
Tommy Johns – Celebrate (Dub Mix)
Tommy Johns – Celebrate
Tony Mansao – Turn off the Lights
Tuned Boys – This Beat Is Mine
Universal Date – Music Is Gonna Get You (Dub Mix)
Universal Date – Music Is Gonna Get You
White Fighters – Whole Days