House, Jackin House Download new song – [02-May]

Adelphi Music Factory – Uprising (I Can’t Wait) (Original Mix)
Alex Virgo – Brother (Original Mix)
Alioscia Mele, Bunz, ExpressNYC – Acid One
Alora & Senii & Kristina R – Give Me Some Love (Original Mix)
Andrea Jeannin – Gipsy (Chilled Mix)
Andrea Jeannin – Gipsy (Clear Waters Mix)
Andrea Jeannin – Gipsy (Homeless Mix)
Andrea Jeannin – Gipsy (Original Mix)
Andre Salmon, Tara Bloom – Take Me To The Rave (Original Mix)
Angelo Ferreri, Moon Rocket – Ain’t It Right (Original Mix)
Anthony Francis – Everybody Does Drugs (Original Mix)
B.A.N.G! – Feel Free (Dub Mix)
B.A.N.G! – It’s My Night (Extended 2020 Master)
B.A.N.G! – Talk To Me (Club Mix)
B.A.N.G! – The Heat (Extended)
B.A.N.G! – We Come Alive (Electrick City Remix)
Ben Delay – Brooklyn (Back In Time) (Original Mix)
Ben Remember – The Unloved (Extended Mix)
Block & Crown – Can You Release Me (Original Mix)
Block & Crown – Let’s All Dance Now (Original Mix)
Block & Crown – Love Me No More (Original Mix)
Block & Crown VS Dzialach – Ya Mo Be There (Original Mix)
Boge – Searching
Chronic – Cosmic Shit (Original Mix)
Crimsen – Want You (Original Mix)
Criss Korey – The Bounce (Original Mix)
Da Funk Junkies – This Love
Dan K, Hektor – Grapevine (Extended)
Danny Cruz, KPD – Still Playing House (Original Mix)
Dany Cohiba – Douglas & Stone (Original Mix)
Dany Cohiba – House Is For Real (Original Mix)
David Tort – Addict (Original Mix)
Dennis Quin – Be Strong (Instrumental Club Mix)
Dex Experience – Don’t Underestimate Me feat Dawn Tallman (Eric Kupper Deep House Remix)
Diego Mendoza – Keep Me High (Original Mix)
Diplo & SIDEPIECE – On My Mind (Purple Disco Machine Extended Remix)
Diplo & SIDEPIECE – On My Mind (Purple Disco Machine Remix)
DJ Nipper – Can’t Shake Our Love (Instrumental Disco Mix)
DJ Nipper – Can’t Shake Our Love (Vocal Disco Mix)
DJ Wady & Chris Montana – Built Up (Original Mix)
Dolly Rockers – Give Me Love (Original Mix)
EC Twins – ENERGY (Extended Mix)
EC Twins – Instagram DJ (Extended Mix)
EDX – The Time Is Now (Club Mix)
Electrick City – I Get It (2019) (Club Mix)
Electrick City – The World Changers (Extended)
E-Man, Pad Beryll – Beat Of The Drum (Club Mix)
Eyes Everywhere – What’s Your Name (Extended Mix)
Ferdinand Weber – All on You (Illyus & Barrientos Remix)
Flows – Don’t Put Me Down (Extended Mix)
Funkerman ft. Enlery – Moments
Funkerman – Moments (Extended Mix)
Gangs of Naples – It’s On You (Extended Mix)
Giancarlo Zara – Winter (Qubiko Remix)
Gianni Ruocco, Whay – Sweet Symphony (Line Box Mix)
GooseBump – You Can Count On Us (Club Mix)
Guri Guri Boys – Sumthin’s Going On feat Tracy Hamlin (Angelo Ferreri Dub)
Guri Guri Boys – Sumthin’s Going On feat Tracy Hamlin (Angelo Ferreri Extended Remix)
Hazzaro – Night Calling (Original Mix)
Heller, Farley Project – Ultra Flava (David Penn Extended Remix)
Hoster – This Is House (Extended Mix)
Hp Vince – In Ecstasy (Original Mix)
Ivan Kay – Jack The Acid Sound
Jackers Revenge & Martina Budde – Tainted Love (Love the Pitch Mix)
Jay Montes – Live The Music
Johan S & Divine – Lie To Me (Original Mix)
Jo Paciello – Balearica (Original Mix)
Kill the Kat – Get On Down (Extended Mix)
Low Disco & Mary Mesk – Ripper
Massivedrum, Jazzy 22 – I Want Your Love (Extended Mix)
Max Styler – Disco Pop (Extended Mix)
Max Styler – Got The Feeling (Extended Mix)
Me & My Toothbrush – Funking Around (Extended Mix)
Mike Chenery – Coming Out (Club Mix)
Money Chocolate featuring Sarah Webb – Keep The Love (Tom Staar Extended Remix)
Next Door But One – Stronger (Audio Jacker Remix)
Next Door But One – You Save The Day (Electrick City Remix)
Nimbuster – Distant Reality (Extended)
No Hopes, Pushkarev – Kenya (Original Mix)
Nora En Pure – In The Air…(Croatia Squad Remix)
Nora En Pure & Lika Morgan – In The Air Tonight (Croatia Squad Extended Remix)
Orphix – Feel The Power (Club Mix)
Pad Beryll – Beat Of The Drum (Original Mix)
Paul Jockey & Lissat – Music (Original Mix)
Paul Jockey, Lissat – Music (Original Mix)
Peter Brown – Time 4 Change
Pinto (NYC) – Life (Original Mix)
Rob Made – Perfect Motion (Rare Candy Extended Remix)
Rubber People, Da Funk Junkies – City Nights (Original Mix)
Saison – Caught Up (Mattei & Omich Remix Instrumental)
Sam Dexter, Elliotte Williams-N’Dure – Real Love (Extended Mix)
Sarcy Dj – Make It
Seamus Haji – 2000 Black (Extended Mix)
Silverfox – Another Victim
Simon Kidzoo – Nomad Rave (Extended Mix)
Stefano Sorge – Higher
Toomy Disco – Carl Johnson’s Tale (Original Mix)
Toomy Disco – Get Ya’ Party (Original Mix)
Toomy Disco – Slow (Original Mix)
Toomy Disco – So Hot (Original Mix)
Vykvet – Can You Feel It
Vykvet – Harmony
Wankelmut feat. Paper Idol – Only You (Extended Mix)
Yvvan Back, Blaze (ITA) – Upndown (Original Mix)
Andrey Exx, Lissat – Heard You Say (Original Mix)
B.A.N.G! – Fly (Vocal Dub)
Barney Osborn – Street Keys (Original Mix)
Block & Crown, Lissat – Drum Beats Go Like This (Original Mix)
David Britton – Happy Feelin (Original Mix)
Di Saronno – Shake It Down (Original Mix)
DJ Wady – Funty (Original Mix)
Greenskeepers – Stand Ahhup (Instrumental)
Greenskeepers – Stand Ahhup (Original Mix)
J-Fader – Soul Control (Original Mix)
J. Fenix – Jazz Gumbo pt.2 (Original Mix)
Maurizio Basilotta – Vibes of Love (Club Mix)
Ruben Naess – The Beat (Blackliquid Remix)
Ruben Naess – The Beat
Solomon King – Throw Your Hands (Extended Mix)
StevAxel – You Know (You Want Me) (Original Mix)