Hardcore – [13-Oct]

Afrojack Feat Ally Brooke – All Night (Zero Days Extended Remix)
Afrojack Feat Ally Brooke – All Night (Zero Days Remix)
Akerman – District of Melody [Eternal Sun Records]
Akerman – District of Melody (Everlate, Ruby Engine Remix) [Eternal Sun Records]
Akerman – District of Melody (Ronin Clonix Remix) [Eternal Sun Records]
Anne Savage & BK – Spaced Invader (BK’s House Mix) [Riot! Recordings]
Audio Stomperz – Better Part of Me [Audio Records]
BAQ – Mysteries (Extended Version) [Fusion Records]
BAQ – Mysteries (Radio Edit) [Fusion Records]
BK & Anne Savage – Do Ya [Riot! Recordings]
BK & D.A.V.E. The Drummer – Soul Image (BK vs. D.A.V.E. The Drummer) [Riot! Recordings]
BK & Lee Haslam – Feel Good Inc [Riot! Recordings]
BK & Nick Sentience – XL [Riot! Recordings]
Conisbee – My House [Fatal Energy Records]
Dejotalberto – Bang [Energy Hard Espana]
Dejotalberto – Rum Bottle [Energy Hard Espana]
Detest – 187 (Original Mix)
Distorted Voices – Trekker [Hell’s Recordings]
Distorted Voices – Trekker (Remix) [Hell’s Recordings]
Ephoric – Enlightenment [Derailed Traxx (Be Yourself Music)]
Ephoric – Enlightenment (Extended Mix) [Derailed Traxx (Be Yourself Music)]
Frankie Bones – Bust It [Ozone Recordings]
Frankie Bones – Cause You Want It [Ozone Recordings]
Frankie Bones – That’s How We Living [Ozone Recordings]
Frankie Bones – They Nail You [Ozone Recordings]
Future Disciple – 28 Tracks Later (Scott Attrill 2011 Remix) [Riot! Recordings]
George Kirby – No Good (Scott Attrill Remix) [Riot! Recordings]
GNS & DXPE – Time to Rock [Save The Rave]
Gunz for Hire – Ongedierte Van De Nacht (Extended Mix) [Roughstate]
Gunz for Hire – Ongedierte Van De Nacht [Roughstate]
Jel7yz – Hope You [Justice Hardcore]
Jimmy X – The Wolf [Kryptic Music]
Jimmy X – The Wolf (Urah Remix) [Kryptic Music]
Joe-E – Ethos (Scott Attrill Remix) [Riot! Recordings]
Kovaa Rasvaa – Ankeampia aikoja
Kovaa Rasvaa – Hapan Marja
Kovaa Rasvaa – Herka nherkka
Kovaa Rasvaa – Ja a peitta a kaiken
Kovaa Rasvaa – Rasva Militia
Kovaa Rasvaa – Sa a nno t
Kovaa Rasvaa – Turhaa roskaa
Krabur – I Can Show You The Light (Extended)
Krabur – I Can Show You The Light
Kralez – Warrior (Extended Mix) [Rebeat]
Kralez – Warrior (Radio Edit) [Rebeat]
Mike Ash – Bleep Off Again! [Ozone Recordings]
Mike Ash – Robotik [Ozone Recordings]
Mike Ash – Sub Roll [Ozone Recordings]
Mike Avery – Reach (Scott Attrill 2016 Remix) [Riot! Recordings]
Paul Hunter & Peter Davidson – Welcome to Slavery (Radio Edit) [Vicious Circle Recordings]
Paul Hunter & Peter Davidson – Welcome to Slavery [Vicious Circle Recordings]
Penta – Streetfight [The Third Movement]
Question Mark & David Rust – The Birds (David Rust Extended Remix – D1) [Tidy]
Question Mark & David Rust – The Birds (David Rust Extended Remix – D1) [Tidy]
Question Mark & David Rust – The Birds (David Rust Remix – D1) [Tidy]
Question Mark & David Rust – The Birds (David Rust Remix – D1) [Tidy]
Scott Attrill – Beats N’ Bass PART 1 [Riot! Recordings]
Scott Attrill – Beats N’ Bass PART 3 [Riot! Recordings]
Scott Attrill – BeBop [Riot! Recordings]
Sick Impact – Still F—-n’ With [Bounce Back Records]
Sick Impact – What! [Bounce Back Records]
South Side Psychoz – Take Control [Rebeat]
Tenzin – You Feel Like
The Clamps – Seduction Scale (Detest Remix)
Verikilju™ – Essomummo
Verikilju™ – Hippiamma
Verikilju™ – (Laski) Tarzan
Verikilju™ – Ma en kesta enaa
Verikilju™ – Nakkeja
Verikilju™ – Nukketalo
Al Twisted, Necrotic – Straight from Bolivia
Angernoizer – Hate Us Cause They Ain’t Us
Angernoizer, Lunatic – Break Your Face
Atrax – Back to Hell
Bartoch – Animal Music
Basetronic – Punk Ass
Chaos Project – The Oblivion
Daredevils – Darkest Side
Dave Dope – Extacy
Deterrent Man, X-Mind – Sons of Drum feat. Mc Adk
DJ Chosen Few – Huh What
Endless Souls – Don’t Give a Fuck About You
Frenchfaces, Agressive Noize – Kiss My D (Radio Edit)
GridKiller – Gunplay
GridKiller, Unfused – The Immortal
Hardbouncer – Bullshit
Hardbouncer – Loud
Kader – Grim Reaper
Lady Dammage – My Empire
Lem-X – Madness War (Catzeyez Remix)
Miss Enemy, Illegal Brother – Hc Bitches
Miss Enemy – The Real Gangster
Mr Ouille – Get Ready
Neophyte – Masterpiece
Nosferatu, Hellsystem – Adrenalin Pumping
Nukem – Heavy Metal
Preatorian – Shadowlands (FADZR Remix)
Repix – Back the Fuck Off
Rhino – Gangsta Shit
Rob Da Rhythm – Hardcore Makes Me Insane
Sandy Warez, JnK – Give Me a White Line
Simon Says, Aggresive Noize – Show Me the Way (2021 Edit)
Stealth – The Punch Line
Streiks, Kratchs – Criminal (Radio Edit)
The Sacrificed – Mars Op de Plaats feat. Brutaal
Unrest – Hellzfire
UPC – Monster Inside All of Us
Wars industry – Au Revoir feat. Tripped
Xeramon – Partypeople feat. Kim
Adaro Kronos Nikki Milou – The Life (Radio Edit)
Adrenalize – Midnight
Atmozfears – Home
baq Miss Judged – The World Ends (Radio Edit)
B-Front Deetox – Cosmos (Radio Edit)
B-Front – The Light of Darkness
Bloodlust Carola MC Livid – The Assassins (Radio Edit)
Crypsis Radical Redemption – Kick That Kick (Radio Edit)
D-Attack – Born for This
D-Block & S-te-fan – Good Times
Demi Kanon – Wings to Freedom (Radio Edit)
Denza Retrospect – Defined
Devin Wild – Blinded
Digital Punk High Voltage – The Long Road (Radio Edit)
Dillytek – Bleed as One
D-Sturb – Guts to Dance (Radio Edit)
E-Force – Gremlins (Radio Edit)
Envine – Free (In the Galaxy)
Firelite – Dance Generation
Frontliner Adaro – Deep in the Night
Hans Teeuwen De Nachtbrakers Haha Bier Jongen – L l In De Lockdown (Power Hour Edit)
Headhunterz JDX – Transcendence
JNXD – The End
KELTEK – The Alignment (Cinematic Version)
Killshot – Horrorshow (Radio Edit)
Kronos Last Word – Warzone (Radio Edit)
Phuture Noize – A New World
Ran-D LePrince – Fight Fire with Fire (Radio Edit)
Retrospect – Front Row
RVAGE – Haunted Eyes
Sefa – The Omega
Shockwave Hanne – Runaway
Stylar – To Me (Radio Edit)
Sub Zero Project – Enter the Realm
The Prophet – Kikkdrum (Funkyzeit Remix)
The Saraphim – Falling in Love (Radio Edit)
Twisted Melodiez – Never Letting Go (Radio Edit)
Warface – Bloody Valentine (Radio Edit)
watboman – Insomniac (Radio Edit)
Wildstylez Ran-D – Warriors