Hard Techno – [22-Jun]

753 & Brecc – Dare (Brecc Remix) [Revised Records]
753 – Dare [Revised Records]
753 – Jack [Revised Records]
753 & Stan Christ – Jack (Stan Christ Remix) [Revised Records]
Andreo – Over Metal [RRAVVE]
Andreo – Punishment [RRAVVE]
Andreo – Under the Chains [RRAVVE]
Angelo Alotto – Hard Drive [THR Records]
Anshee – Bacteria [BeatCode Ltd]
Anshee – News [BeatCode Ltd]
Barta – Fire in the Brothel [Geometrik]
Benn-x – Reality Check [Geometrik]
Brandan – Equidistante [Geometrik]
Celec – Protagonist [Straightforward Techno Records]
DJ Lily – Brukstechno
Dj Matty Taylor – Monoxide [See The Sea Records]
Dj Matty Taylor – New Dawn [See The Sea Records]
Dj Matty Taylor – Organic [See The Sea Records]
Emison – Breaking the Silence [trench]
Emison – The Silence of Chaos [trench]
Franco – Fuck Hit [Geometrik]
FriiKee – Come Undone (Nomosk Remix) [Record Union]
Hb7 – Sun Is Back [Geometrik]
H! Dude – Purple Kush (D.N.S Remix) [Dreizehn Schallplatten]
H! Dude – Purple Kush [Dreizehn Schallplatten]
H! Dude – Purple Kush (Gabriel Wnz Remix) [Dreizehn Schallplatten]
H! Dude – Purple Kush (PITCH! Remix) [Dreizehn Schallplatten]
Hioll – Jerusalem Calling [Hioll]
KAD – Dark [SMR Underground]
KAD – Monster [SMR Underground]
Ken Hell – Rode Attack [Geometrik]
Lost Minds (DE) – Intoxication
Lucinee – Bang Juice (Blame the Mono Remix) [Voxnox]
Lucinee – Bang Juice (Brutalismus 3000 Remix) [Voxnox]
Lucinee – We Trip and Roll (Jks Remix) [Voxnox]
Lucinee – We Trip and Roll (New Frames Remix) [Voxnox]
Lukas Freudenberger – Expecto [Stabil.]
Lukas Freudenberger – Rave or Die [Stabil.]
Marco Leckbert – Analog Design [Finder Records]
Marco Leckbert – Digital Drive [Finder Records]
Maxx Rossi & 3phazegenerator – The System [Polymeric Records]
Maxx Rossi – Anomaly [Polymeric Records]
Maxx Rossi – Deep (All Day All Night) [Polymeric Records]
Maxx Rossi – Funked Up [Polymeric Records]
Maxx Rossi & Hard Bart – Piece Off [Polymeric Records]
Maxx Rossi & Krisbait – Hard Cake [Polymeric Records]
Maxx Rossi – Like This [Polymeric Records]
Maxx Rossi – No Reply [Polymeric Records]
Maxx Rossi – Party On! [Polymeric Records]
Maxx Rossi & Pounding Grooves – Zlodziej [Polymeric Records]
Maxx Rossi – Pump This Stuff [Polymeric Records]
Maxx Rossi – Rupture [Polymeric Records]
Maxx Rossi – Structure [Polymeric Records]
Maxx Rossi – Teknowledge [Polymeric Records]
Maxx Rossi – Work [Polymeric Records]
Mikael Klasson – Elastic [Record Union]
Mikael Klasson – Feel for Me (Feel for You) [Record Union]
Munich Monkey Beats – Syndrom
Nebz Street – Dubbing Level [Geometrik]
New Frames – Clownhouse Reality [Haven]
New Frames – Proton Isospace [Haven]
New Frames – Scatter (Manni Dee Remix) [Haven]
New Frames – Variation Is a Feature Not a Flaw [Haven]
NOTMYTYPE – Cold Blooded [Legal Black]
NOTMYTYPE – Don’t Pretend [Legal Black]
NOTMYTYPE – Follow (feat. Igda) [Legal Black]
Politcal Rescue – Underground Choice [Geometrik]
SINCE 1982 – 1441 [Geometrik]
Smith & Brown – Supercell (Extended Mix) [Techburst Records]
Smith & Brown – Supercell [Techburst Records]
Smith & Brown – Survival (Extended Mix) [Techburst Records]
Smith & Brown – Survival [Techburst Records]
Sutura – Fetisch [Bonehead Records]
Sutura – Paranoid [Bonehead Records]
Techflex – Boiling Leys [Oxytech Records]
Techflex – Complex [Oxytech Records]
Techflex – Crack and Melt [Oxytech Records]
Techflex – The Philosopher [Oxytech Records]
Techflex – Train Damage [Oxytech Records]
Techflex – Wishes [Oxytech Records]
TKG – Long Distance [Geometrik]
Tombo – Attack01 [The Acid Mind Recordings]
Tombo – Docking Base [The Acid Mind Recordings]
Tombo – M.T.O [The Acid Mind Recordings]
Touffnoize – Relapse [Geometrik]
Vontech & Aneema – Dance or Die [Refined Format]
Vontech & Aneema – Tempesta [Refined Format]
XRK – Lethal Injection [Kube Records]
XRK – Sequencial Substances (Alex Tb Remix) [Kube Records]
XRK – Sequencial Substances (Daniela Haverbeck Remix) [Kube Records]
XRK – Sequencial Substances [Kube Records]
YCia – Deja-Vu [Furrier Records]
YCia – Gateway [Furrier Records]
YCia – Me, You and Time [Furrier Records]
YCia – Scattered Senses [Furrier Records]
YCia – Unknown Road [Furrier Records]
Domingo Caballero – Rotten Beat [Moolly Moolly]
Gabby Diaz – Vanta [Moolly Moolly]
MCMLXXVII – Rito Pagano [Moolly Moolly]
OOOOØ ЯENDON – Respect [Moolly Moolly]
5D Psychic Systems – Storm Evacuation (Original Mix)
Andy Scott – Metanoia (Original Mix)
Bangerz & Masherz – Ruff Justice (Original Mix)
Bass Brothers – Cry Baby (Original Mix)
Brent Sadowick – Think Is Cool (Original Mix)
Bryn Green & MarAxe – Underground Alliance (Original Mix)
Criostasis & DJ Pawel C – Kick That Bass (Open Source & FXGTR Remix)
D.A.V.E. The Drummer – Sonic Arrows (Mechanic Slave Remix)
Dino Maggiorana – Crisis (Original Mix)
Dunzy – Krapo (Original Mix)
Ferality – No Tech (Original Mix)
JkM – Drum N Roll (Original Mix)
Keja – Vos Destins Sont Les Votres (Original Mix)
Maydo LLokko – Techno Future (Original Mix)
Monterey – Rio (Original Mix)
Nando Cp – Takatech (Original Mix)
Nay – Pull Up The Place (Original Mix)
Re-Born & Verjo – Crash Dump (Faceless Remix)
Shaun Livener – Dubtek Monster (Original Mix)
ST Jean – Acidity Lethargie (Original Mix)
Sub Zero One – Flightcrash (Original Mix)
Syrus – The Formula (Original Mix)
The Phrenetic Project – Nobody Listens To Techno (Original Mix)
Toxic People – Sold Your Soul (Original Mix)
Ulser – Jungle (Original Mix)