FiveP – Quantum

FiveP – Quantum [Enormous Chills – ETC312] Do you remember when the beaming lights of a club went on, all of a sudden, after a peaking night, calling the crowd to leave and go home, but everybody still feels like dancing? Yea, it feels like ages ago, back in the ancient time. The house music culture is wobbling these days, many companies went out of business during Corona. Those who could got part time jobs and some try to keep their head above water and hope they won’t drown until it goes back to normal. But when is that? Expected for late 2021, they say now. What do you believe? Who will break and go other ways before we even figure it out? Not, FiveP, this young artist has just begun. His very first EP is a promising minimal melodic house EP with 3 wonderfully crafted tracks. Music that would usually make the cut of many great live DJ-sets, and now we hope to just entertain all house and melodic house music lovers out there who won’t take “giving up” as option. We are still standing strong! Spotify Enormous Chills FiveP – ‘