Electronica – [13-Oct]

Abraxas – Free to Leave [IBIZA PARTY SQUAD]
Abstract Silhouette – Matters [LW Recordings]
AFO & Jizzin – What Time Is It (Chill Out Mix) [LW Recordings]
ako – Basic Microwaving (Single Mix) [LW Recordings]
Alex Petrov & Mracni Sin – Juicy [DaCosta Records]
Alex Petrov & Mracni Sin – Other Planet [DaCosta Records]
Alex Petrov & Mracni Sin – Party Time [DaCosta Records]
Alex Petrov & Mracni Sin – Passion [DaCosta Records]
Alex Petrov & Mracni Sin – Unfamiliar Vibes [DaCosta Records]
Andberg – Ipnos… [iM Electronica]
Andberg – Oltre.. [iM Electronica]
Andre Devaugn & The Seventh Groove Consortium – Reflection [Kolibri Musique]
Andy Elliass & Arczi – Remember Your Eyes [LW Recordings]
Anemine – Oceano Mare [IBIZA PARTY SQUAD]
Anthony Island – Wishful Times (Deep Soul Remix) [Tyranno Lounge Records]
Antichrist Buffalo – Babee Book Sarah [LW Recordings]
Ariloum – Sail Away [AUDIO Stage Records]
Astral Vega – Strange Days [Classè Records]
Bahadırhan Koçer – Wechwieb [LW Recordings]
Bang Bang – Hate Fleeting (Da Sunlounge Remix) [Kolibri Musique]
Bar Rhythms – Red Rocks (Chill Isla Mix) [Paradise City]
Belial Pelegrim – Axiokersos [Triplicate Records]
Billy Esteban – Book of the Sea [Paradise City]
Bloomfield – Surfing Cote d’azur [IBIZA PARTY SQUAD]
Bossasonic – Sunday Afternoon Party [IBIZA PARTY SQUAD]
Brascon – Treesong (feat. Seasoul) [Club Version] [Kolibri Musique]
Breakfast Brothers – Trusted Stranger [Paradise City]
Broken-Form – Hall of the Fallen (Cement Tea Remix) [Ignore The Past]
Broken-Form – Hall of the Fallen [Ignore The Past]
Broken-Form – Niflheim [Ignore The Past]
Broken-Form – Shores of Nadastrond [Ignore The Past]
Broken-Form – Svavas Sorrow [Ignore The Past]
Broken-Form – Tree of the Nine Worlds [Ignore The Past]
Buddah Excess – Oraange [LW Recordings]
Bus Kid – Corazon Clara (Cassette Mix) [Triplicate Records]
Bvsmv – How Tall is Mount Fuji! [Triplicate Records]
Cantoma – To the Sea [Highwood Recordings]
Casagemas – Agua Medicante [Mecanica]
Casagemas – Contratiempo [Mecanica]
Casagemas – Dark Mambo [Mecanica]
Casagemas – Introducción [Mecanica]
Casagemas – Papantla Flyers [Mecanica]
Casagemas – Sinusoidal Tears [Mecanica]
Casagemas – Sombra Del Aire [Mecanica]
Casagemas – Tracking the Feathered Snake [Mecanica]
Childboy – Atmo Evening [Paradise City]
Chillson – Fantasia (feat. Marc Hartman) [IBIZA PARTY SQUAD]
Christian Gainer – Time Spells [LW Recordings]
CNEIS – More or Less [Triplicate Records]
Code Blue – Lasting Love (DJ Pencil & the Cut Up Boys Remix) [LW Recordings]
COLLIGNON – Las Defensoras [Reflektor Records]
Cyber Soul – Egone [Chill Caterpillar]
Cyber Soul – Fam [Chill Caterpillar]
Damiano La Rocca – Sereno Con Pioggia [Paradise City]
Dave Baron – Nothing Lasts Forever [LW Recordings]
Deco – Sending a Letter [IBIZA PARTY SQUAD]
Dendyushnik – China [Ak Tape 65]
Dendyushnik – Eddie Murphy [Ak Tape 65]
Digital Rain – Masquerade [IBIZA PARTY SQUAD]
DJ Maddox – S.E.R.E.N.D.I.P.I.T.Y [Farol Musica]
DJ Rob De Blank – Deep in Your Soul (feat. Mark Coleen) [Kolibri Musique]
DJ Zetrabex – Dance [Addicting Records]
Dreamhunter – Getaway Pilot [IBIZA PARTY SQUAD]
Dub Mars – Lost in Thought [IBIZA PARTY SQUAD]
Elevation – Playing on the Street [Kolibri Musique]
EMATERIAL – Infradian Rhythm [Arthropoda]
EMATERIAL – Neuromodulation [Arthropoda]
Eskadet – Oia [Paradise City]
ESP Summer – Kumamushi [Disciples]
ESP Summer – Taishōgoto O Ōkoku [Disciples]
ESP Summer – Tengoku No Ōkoku [Disciples]
ESP Summer – Uchu [Disciples]
Finland & Aaskoven – La Balbianello [Paradise City]
Five Seasons – Dreams Come True [Paradise City]
Flyandspace – Moon Light [LW Recordings]
Gary Rees – Your Effort was Fruitless, But Tofu [Triplicate Records]
Glam Sam and His Combo – All Around Town [Paradise City]
gosha & Jeam Biscuit – Sex Time [OOO Universal Music]
HKJ – Dirt Nap [Sounds Something]
Hoavi – Dver [Peak Oil]
Hoavi – Dyson Garden [Peak Oil]
Hoavi – Flay [Peak Oil]
Hoavi – Hayabusa [Peak Oil]
Hoavi – Memoryscape [Peak Oil]
Hoavi – Sava G [Peak Oil]
Hoavi – Streamline [Peak Oil]
Hoavi – Tessera [Peak Oil]
Hverheij – The Light of the Sky [Triplicate Records]
Ian Marine – Malfaisant [Coldest Point]
Ian Marine – Nocif [Coldest Point]
Idan Beats – Don’t Let Go [Karma Recordings]
Idan Beats – Sunny [Karma Recordings]
Ingo Herrmann – Deepdown [IBIZA PARTY SQUAD]
Ingo Herrmann – Whole Body (feat. Jana Tarasenko) [Paradise City]
Inner Square – Contemplation [Squaresonic]
Inner Square – Frost [Squaresonic]
Inner Square – Gesture [Squaresonic]
Inner Square – Glimmer [Squaresonic]
Inner Square – Intermission [Squaresonic]
Inner Square – Note [Squaresonic]
Inner Square – Picture [Squaresonic]
Inner Square – Sigh [Squaresonic]
Inner Square – Sight [Squaresonic]
Inner Square – Step [Squaresonic]
Inner Square – Touch [Squaresonic]
Inside World – The Undomestic Godness [Kolibri Musique]
Inventors Of The Sun – Opium Lovers [Kolibri Musique]
ipso – Moonlight [Triplicate Records]
James Butler – Smooth Bossa Piano [Paradise City]
Jay Frog & Amfree – Is This Love (Acoustic Instrumental Mix) [Paradise City]
Jazzamor – Impermanence [IBIZA PARTY SQUAD]
Jean Aita, SypheWood & Redjoint – The End [LW Recordings]
JetTricKs – Lose You (feat. Ade Funke & Faye Houston) [Lemongrass Deep House Remix] [Kolibri Musique]
JiKay – Deep Blue [LW Recordings]
Johannes Huppertz – Seven Sences [Paradise City]
JussComplex – Curiosity [LW Recordings]
Kamuflars – The Things That Swings (Tom Manzarek Dub Remix) [Mhost Likely]
Kamuflars – The Things That Swings (Tom Manzarek Dub Remix) [Mhost Likely]
Kiln – Argon Pedestrian [Ghostly International]
Kiln – Bvlb [Ghostly International]
Kiln – Cat Paw Spiritual [Ghostly International]
Kiln – Drala Ultra [Ghostly International]
Kiln – North Bar Lake [Ghostly International]
Kiln – Pinyon [Ghostly International]
Klod Rights – Everyday [Paradise City]
Köni – Mera Joota Hai Japani
Laurie Spiegel – Drums [Melodies International]
Lazy Hammock – Naked Being [Kolibri Musique]
Lazy Hammock – Searching (feat. Ivan M-Sax) [Paradise City]
Lazy Lovers – Big Little Man [Chill Caterpillar]
Lazy Lovers – Dimes [Chill Caterpillar]
Lemongrass – Deep River (feat. Jane Maximova) [Mirage of Deep Remix] [IBIZA PARTY SQUAD]
Living Room – Swell (Radio – Edit) [Kolibri Musique]
Loko Velocet – Zahir [Shooklyn]
Lord Tang – Clip Clop [Meakusma Records]
Lord Tang – Clip Clop (Weird Dust Clipped Mix) [Meakusma Records]
Lord Tang – Mountains and Streams [Meakusma Records]
Lord Tang – Mountains and Streams (Zonedog Dolbytape Mix) [Meakusma Records]
Lord Tang – Stamps [Meakusma Records]
Lounge Groove Avenue – Soul Diva [Paradise City]
Lounge Groove Avenue – Thoughts [IBIZA PARTY SQUAD]
Lounge System – Touch My Body [Kolibri Musique]
Luís Carlos Pinheiro – Mearim Grajau (Freddy Aioria Remix Club Edit) [LW Recordings]
Luis Junior – Let’s Go (Mind Reflexion Mix) [LW Recordings]
LyFe&Daze – Days of Our Lives (Week – End Mix) [Kolibri Musique]
Manuel Seith – Einhundert (Pt. 01) [DIMASI Music]
Manuel Seith – Einhundert (Pt. 02) [DIMASI Music]
Manuel Seith – Einhundert (Pt. 03) [DIMASI Music]
Manuel Seith – Einhundert (Pt. 04) [DIMASI Music]
Manuel Seith – Einhundert (Pt. 05) [DIMASI Music]
Manuel Seith – Einhundert (Pt. 06) [DIMASI Music]
Manuel Seith – Einhundert (Pt. 07) [DIMASI Music]
Manuel Seith – Einhundert (Pt. 08) [DIMASI Music]
Manuel Seith – Einhundert (Pt. 09) [DIMASI Music]
Manuel Seith – Einhundert (Pt. 10) [DIMASI Music]
Mario Santo – Crowd the Streets [Paradise City]
Matthew Dear, Fer Isella & Alejandro Valencia-Tobon – The Sound of Paradise [The Vinyl Factory]
meaning of nonsense – Till [Extal]
Midnight Magic – Beam Me Up (Each Other Remix) [LW Recordings]
Miky Larus – In the Room [Estribo Records]
Miky Larus – In the Room [Estribo Records]
Miky Larus – Jump [Estribo Records]
Miky Larus – Jump [Estribo Records]
Minus 8 – Heaven Knows (Interlude No.2) [IBIZA PARTY SQUAD]
MOAN – Holy Heartbeats (Pavel Svetlove Remix) [LW Recordings]
MoShang – Pagoda [IBIZA PARTY SQUAD]
Mr. Nice – Paris CDG [Paradise City]
MRo – Midsommar [ambit]
Music Of The Earth – Surfing Taghazoud [Paradise City]
MusiQWorks & Khumbuzile – Ngeke Balunge (Instrumental) [Kolibri Musique]
Newton – Media France [Paradise City]
No Noise – Ying and Yang [IBIZA PARTY SQUAD]
Ochre – 111 [Lapsus]
Ochre – Anomie [Lapsus]
Ochre – Beneath Fleeting Visions [Lapsus]
Ochre – Bluebottles [Lapsus]
Ochre – Copacetia [Lapsus]
Ochre – Dendroid [Lapsus]
Ochre – Infotain Me [Lapsus]
Ochre – Karoshi [Lapsus]
Ochre – Kuka [Lapsus]
Ochre – Lifewish [Lapsus]
Ochre – Oneirist [Lapsus]
Ochre – Open Top [Lapsus]
Ochre – Secret Track [Lapsus]
Ochre – Sosacharo [Lapsus]
Ochre – Sylph [Lapsus]
Ochre – The Everywhere Air [Lapsus]
Ochre – Vegas [Lapsus]
Oizir – Le temps n’existe pas [Ziris Records]
Oizir – Papillon du mont fuji [Ziris Records]
Olof Dreijer – Echoes from Mamori [Melodies International]
Orientation – Bosporus Bridge Reloaded [IBIZA PARTY SQUAD]
Pablo Bravo – Super Dip [Kolibri Musique]
palermo – Nunca Atirei a Pedra Exata para o Lugar Certo [Record Union]
palermo – Nunca Cumpras Todas as Promessas [Record Union]
Pankaja – Space Roller [Kerala Records]
Paramita Ambient & Wendy Panoah – To Infinity and Beyond [Paramita Records]
Pat Appleton – Smart Traveller [IBIZA PARTY SQUAD]
Paul McCabe – Sunrise [LW Recordings]
Pete Kvidera – Happenstance [Triplicate Records]
Peter Pearson – Chillwaves [IBIZA PARTY SQUAD]
Philip Meyer – 206,754 [Intermodal]
Philip Meyer – 4435, 10, Upper [Intermodal]
Philip Meyer – 802,Red,B [Intermodal]
Philip Meyer – Fork Razor [Intermodal]
Philip Meyer – Memory [Intermodal]
Philip Meyer – ND Vibra [Intermodal]
Philip Meyer – Ritter, Gabo [Intermodal]
PIERO – Eiffel Tower Dream [IBIZA PARTY SQUAD]
Pluto Project – Erophone [IBIZA PARTY SQUAD]
PNFA – Stronger (Instrumental) [Kolibri Musique]
PPJ – 2 Chicos (feat. Povoa, Páula & Jerge) [Moshi Moshi Records]
PPJ – Neném (feat. Povoa, Páula & Jerge) [Moshi Moshi Records]
PPJ – Sonho Com Tu (feat. Povoa, Páula & Jerge) [Moshi Moshi Records]
PPJ – Txu Txu (feat. Povoa, Páula & Jerge) [Moshi Moshi Records]
Raw Axe & Melanie Houston – Night Search [Kolibri Musique]
Red Glitch – Pharynx Plus [Ak Tape 65]
Red Glitch – Tsaptsarapkin [Ak Tape 65]
Red Glitch – Underworld [Ak Tape 65]
redline346S – Frozen Ocean [MOR Records]
Reverb Runner – It’s Complicated [Synchronized Music]
rewindsound – Haze [LW Recordings]
Roberto Bronco – River [Paradise City]
Roman Naboka – After Hibernation [Campo Magnetico]
Roman Naboka – Landing [Campo Magnetico]
Roman Naboka – Ruins of Civilization [Campo Magnetico]
Roman Naboka – To the Planet [Campo Magnetico]
Roman Naboka – We Populate the Planet Through the Years [Campo Magnetico]
Ross Harper – Brave [City Wall Records]
Ross Harper – Cloaked [City Wall Records]
Ross Harper – Ethereal Shores [City Wall Records]
Ross Harper – Midnight Lake [City Wall Records]
Ross Harper – Night Stars [City Wall Records]
Ross Harper – Perpetual Blossom [City Wall Records]
Ross Harper – Revelation [City Wall Records]
Ross Harper – Spirals of Colour [City Wall Records]
Ross Harper – The Offering [City Wall Records]
Ross Harper – Tower of Light [City Wall Records]
Sami Sivananda – Bliss [IBIZA PARTY SQUAD]
San Miguel & HiNa – Nightmantra [Kolibri Musique]
SAYCET – Father [Météores-Music]
SAYCET & Joseph Schiano di Lombo – Murmuration [Météores-Music]
SAYCET – Layers [Météores-Music]
SAYCET – Lightyear [Météores-Music]
SAYCET – Malaparte [Météores-Music]
SAYCET – Mother [Météores-Music]
SAYCET – Mountaineers [Météores-Music]
SAYCET – Recovery [Météores-Music]
SAYCET – Solaris [Météores-Music]
SAYCET – Timelapse [Météores-Music]
S.D.J. – Fly High [Kolibri Musique]
Sharon Musgrave – Beautiful Music [Kolibri Musique]
Shelter Calm – Giraffe Radar [LW Recordings]
Sid Hille & Multicast Dynamics – Side A [Astral Industries]
Sid Hille & Multicast Dynamics – Side B [Astral Industries]
Simon Wester – The Narrow Path [Echoes in the Valley]
Síntese – Antaratma [Ovnimoon Records]
Síntese – Grain of Sand [Ovnimoon Records]
Síntese – Larger World [Ovnimoon Records]
Síntese – Life To Come [Ovnimoon Records]
Síntese – Living Force [Ovnimoon Records]
Síntese – Nereids [Ovnimoon Records]
Síntese – Reckoning [Ovnimoon Records]
Síntese – Sentiment [Ovnimoon Records]
Síntese – Skylanes [Ovnimoon Records]
Síntese – Transducer [Ovnimoon Records]
Síntese – Transient [Ovnimoon Records]
Solarmax – Stars into Light [IBIZA PARTY SQUAD]
Sorrento – You R the One [Kolibri Musique]
Soulavenue – My Shadow [Paradise City]
South Froggies – Dub Jazz [IBIZA PARTY SQUAD]
Spoq – Scratch [Paradise City]
Stalker 591 – Brazier [Ak Tape 65]
Stereo Hypnosis – Bárur [Interchill Records]
Stereo Hypnosis – Dalir [Interchill Records]
Stereo Hypnosis – Hvarf [Interchill Records]
Stereo Hypnosis – Hvolf [Interchill Records]
Stereo Hypnosis – Kista [Interchill Records]
Stereo Hypnosis – Kleif [Interchill Records]
Stereo Hypnosis – Osar [Interchill Records]
Stereo Hypnosis – Tangar [Interchill Records]
Stereo Hypnosis – Urd [Interchill Records]
Stuce The Sketch – The Mara [Paradise City]
Suncastle – Comatose Country [Triplicate Records]
Sunday 9pm – Moments of Hope (Orchestral Mix) [LW Recordings]
Survey Channel – Pale Future [Triplicate Records]
Svendaq – Counting the Coffee Beans [Paradise City]
Svendaq – Hesperia [IBIZA PARTY SQUAD]
Takt 3 – Fake Agent [Paradise City]
Tasha Baxter & Omstrb – Home [Polyoto]
Technogen – Second Wave [Rubin Records]
The Billows Burn Bright – Dsmv [Triplicate Records]
The Funky Lowlives – Nevermore [IBIZA PARTY SQUAD]
The Polish Ambassador – The Tantalizer (Comic Mix) [Jumpsuit Records]
The Strike Boys – Cocaine Is a Sin [IBIZA PARTY SQUAD]
Time Rival – Plasticize [Triplicate Records]
Tomu DJ & kimdollars1 – Grabba [Side Chick Records]
Tomu DJ & kimdollars1 – Luv , Vibes [Side Chick Records]
Tomu DJ & kimdollars1 – Summer Thing [Side Chick Records]
Tomu DJ & kimdollars1 – Taming Paula [Side Chick Records]
Topdown Dialectic – A1 [Peak Oil]
Topdown Dialectic – A2 [Peak Oil]
Topdown Dialectic – A3 [Peak Oil]
Topdown Dialectic – A4 [Peak Oil]
Topdown Dialectic – B1 [Peak Oil]
Topdown Dialectic – B2 [Peak Oil]
Topdown Dialectic – B3 [Peak Oil]
Topdown Dialectic – B4 [Peak Oil]
Trent Cantrelle – Originate (Aerial Grey Remix)
Tristan Arp – Gypsum [Wisdom Teeth]
Urban Phunk Society – Shadow Play [Paradise City]
VEKY – Ultima Noapte (Chillout 2021 Edit) [LW Recordings]
Velvet Dreamer – Deserted Beach (feat. Tim Gelo) [Paradise City]
Velvet Dreamer – Time Together (feat. Tim Gelo) [IBIZA PARTY SQUAD]
Ventures – Spiderwebs [Paradise City]
Versylen – Paradigm [LW Recordings]
Vifak – Moments [LW Recordings]
Violet Sky – Summer Feelings [Vlad S. Project]
Vonavi – Still with Me (feat. Run Rivers) [61 Seconds Records]
Weber – Theme from Neverland [IBIZA PARTY SQUAD]
Woolta Gee – Gee’s Rhythm [Kolibri Musique]
Worldtraveller – Reef [IBIZA PARTY SQUAD]
Worldtraveller – The Rory Glory Smokadelic Bloomdub (Living Room’s Dubalicious Edit) [Kolibri Musique]
Worldtraveller – The Rory Glory Smokadelic (Bloomdub) [Paradise City]
Yusuf Lemoné – Better Be Dada [Kolibri Musique]
Zlatina – A Breeze [Cicadada]
Zlatina & Katya Pro – Musica [Cicadada]
Zlatina – Love in Bakhchisarai [Cicadada]
Zlatina – She [Cicadada]
Zlatina – Sunny Lake [Cicadada]
Zlatina – Taurida [Cicadada]
Zlatina – Temple of Silence [Cicadada]
Zlatina – Through the Valley [Cicadada]
Borgie – Danza Obscura (I-Robots Reconstruction)
Chris Davis – Traction (I-Robots Reconstruction)
Das Ding – Want Need (I-Robots Reconstruction)
Machinegewehr – Move Like Rays (I-Robots Reconstruction)
M A N O S – Mutant Mass (I-Robots Reconstruction)
Skeleton Head – Beaten, Bloody, Bruised (I-Robots Reconstruction)