Dubstep, Trap, Future Bass – [19-Aug]

Conrank, Patwan – Bubble & Run (Original Mix)
Cromatik – Boss Fight
Cromatik – Breach
Cromatik – Doom Tomb
Cromatik – Invasion Of Chaos
DJ Snake, Zomboy – Quiet Storm (Original Mix)
Dodge & Fuski, Oolacile – Take Me Over (Aweminus Remix)
Effin – Cabbage
FuntCase – Death Stomp
FuntCase & Versa – Death Stomp
Hydraulix – Skanka (Original Mix)
Murdock – Rock Da Beat (Original Mix)
Oolacile – Kandi (Original Mix)
Oriental Cravings – Shinobi (Original Mix)
Sadhu – Uruk Hai (Dwarv Bootleg)
Skrillex & Diplo – Holla Out (feat. Snails & Taranchyla)
Skrillex – San Diego VIP (Nothing Yet)
Skybreak, Storyboard – Whispers In The Forest (Original Mix)
SubDocta – Torqued (Original Mix)
SUB-human – Upgrade (Original Mix)
TroyBoi – BAILE (Original Mix)
TYNAN, SFAM – Fragile (Original Mix)
Wooli – Psyclone (Original Mix)
Julian Calor x ReauBeau – Lost In Nightlife
Sirah & Skrillex – Deadbeat
Skrillex & Diplo – Febreze (feat. 2 Chainz)
Skrillex & Diplo – Jungle Bae (feat. Bunji Garlin)
Skrillex & Diplo – Mind (feat. Kai)
Skrillex & Diplo – Take Ü There (feat Kiesza)
Base feat. Kryptomedic – Flow (Duoscience Remix) [C Recordings]
Base feat. Kryptomedic & Identified – Times Change [C Recordings]
Base – It Changes You [C Recordings]
Base – Unspoken Words [C Recordings]
Blastikz – Beyond [C Recordings]
C9smo – No Return [C Recordings]
Chill Collective – Without You [C Recordings]
Confusious – Realisations [C Recordings]
Criteria – You´ll Know [C Recordings]
Detoxic – Psychological Defect [C Recordings]
Dfender – Matter of Chance [C Recordings]
Dreadnought & Chinensis – Glacier [C Recordings]
Fishy – Yeah Yeah [C Recordings]
Flared – Bygone [C Recordings]
Flat9 – Apollo Reese [C Recordings]
Invold – Honey Bunch [C Recordings]
Javano – The Fiddle [C Recordings]
Leniz – Insecure [C Recordings]
Linear – Iseo [C Recordings]
Living Plastic – The Night [C Recordings]
Low5 & T_Base feat. Jess – Hey You (VIP) [C Recordings]
Marvel Cinema – Shooting Celebrities [C Recordings]
Midnight – Minimal Flow [C Recordings]
Mode_funktion – That Funky Bass [C Recordings]
Mojoman – Mirror [C Recordings]
Motional – Reflection [C Recordings]
Mystical Sound – Brooklyn Nights [C Recordings]
Nexus & Tight – Moving Minds [C Recordings]
Oversight – Make You Stay [C Recordings]
Rafau Etamski – I´m Your Friend [C Recordings]
Reflektor – Entropica [C Recordings]
SD – Boulevard [C Recordings]
Seathasky – Tell Me Why (Perspective Shift Remix) [C Recordings]
Semi Sense – Sun Glass Ears [C Recordings]
Spectator – Artefact [C Recordings]
Tweakz – Starchild [C Recordings]
Woodtekr – Lake Shore [C Recordings]