Dubstep, Grime, Bass, Glitch Hop – [13-Oct]

Atreus – Nightcrawler
Bandlez & AKUTO – Lazer Dragon [Disciple Round Table]
Bandlez – A Riddim Tutorial [Disciple Round Table]
Bandlez – Bullet Bass [Disciple Round Table]
Bandlez – Color Blaster [Disciple Round Table]
Bandlez – Fast [Disciple Round Table]
Bandlez – Hip Hop Tech [Disciple Round Table]
Bandlez – Hustle [Disciple Round Table]
Bandlez – Illuminati Confirmed [Disciple Round Table]
Bandlez – Moshit Attack [Disciple Round Table]
Bandlez – Rave Review [Disciple Round Table]
Bandlez, Two K1nd & Mr McRiddimer – Splice Riddim [Disciple Round Table]
Bandlez, Virus Syndicate & Nika D – Cobra [Disciple Round Table]
Basura – Power Surge [Abysmal Entities]
Basura – Shift the Blame [Abysmal Entities]
Basura – Side Effects [Abysmal Entities]
Bear Grillz & High Zombie – Rave Slam
Brondo ft. Luke Skyy – Smash Your Mind
Dalek One – Call Of Alou
Dalek One – Clusterfuck
Dalek One – Go On Soundboy
Dalek One – Hit Em Like
Dalek One – Wut
Distinct Motive – No Posers [Vomitspit]
Embex – Gnar Shit [Record Union]
HeadBusta – Baggage [High Caliber Records]
HeadBusta – Body Count (feat. Chase the Dream) [High Caliber Records]
HeadBusta – Bout Nothing [High Caliber Records]
HeadBusta – Heat [High Caliber Records]
HeadBusta – Relentless [High Caliber Records]
Hierxphant – Senseless [Spicycake]
High Zombie – Concrete
High Zombie – Stone & Dagger
High Zombie – Wasteland
High Zombie – Whiplash
Hi I’m Ghost – Do or Die
Jaenga – Don’t Worry
Jaenga feat. Nat James – Badda
Jaenga feat. Nat James – How We Do
Jaenga – Heya Heya
Jaenga – Refraction
Jaskaroth – Spacecraft [Raylinx Music]
Joseph Crawford & Kamas – Hearts to the Sky (feat. Bella Renee) [Railbreakers]
Khamis – Chorus Protocol
Khamis – Crypto Gamble
Khamis – Euphoria Phase
Koven – Looking For More [NCS]
Lucas Larvenz – Forgive & Forget (Audigy Remix)
Materjal – Fury Insect [Egregore Collective]
Materjal – Little Bird [Egregore Collective]
Materjal – Little Bird (Qant & Stacktrace Remix) [Egregore Collective]
MYTHM – Technique [Artikal Music UK]
MYTHM – Vex [Artikal Music UK]
MYTHM – Watch Out [Artikal Music UK]
NGHTMRE & Smokepurpp – MOSH (Stoned LeveL Remix) [Ultra]
Saraphim – Hennya [Nomine Sound]
Saraphim – Ifrit [Nomine Sound]
Saraphim – Ifrit [Nomine Sound]
Saraphim – Monsoon [Nomine Sound]
Saraphim – Monsoon [Nomine Sound]
Saraphim – Strange Charm [Nomine Sound]
Saraphim – Strange Charm [Nomine Sound]
Tappa – 666
Tappa – No Heart
Tappa – Tension
Tappa – The Motive
Tek-Nologic – Hardway [Kendo Music]
Tek-Nologic – I.D.K. [Kendo Music]
Volume A – Fit Fort [Foto Sounds]
Volume A – Jenkins [Foto Sounds]
Volume A – Manipulate Dem [Foto Sounds]
Volume A – Solid State [Foto Sounds]
Wooli & Trivecta – Light Up The Sky (feat. Scott Stapp) [Ophelia]