Download New Italo Disco Top 100 (2020) – [13-Apr]

Alan Brando – Don’t Let My Heart Say Goodbye (Vocal Radio Second Remix)
Alan Brando – I Close My Eyes (Radio Original Mix)
Alan Brando – I Didn’t Love You (Vocal Short Disco Mix)
Alan Brando – Love Is A Fantasy (Vocal New Gen Radio Remix)
Alan Brando – Runaway (Radio Vocal Mix)
Alan Brando – Safe My Heart (Short Vocal Summer Mix)
Aldo Lesina – Another Time (Short Remix Version)
Aldo Lesina – Castles & Dungeons (Short New Remix)
Aldo Lesina – Don’t Let Me Go (Vocal Radio Disco Version)
Aldo Lesina – In Your Eyes (Vocal Radio Disco Mix)
Aldo Lesina – Pain (Short Remix Version)
Aldo Lesina – Romance (Vocal Short Lost Remix)
Aldo Lesina – Say You Love Me (Vocal Radio Power Mix)
Aldo Lesina – Tell Me Why (Short New Remix)
Angelica Rose – Bella Donna (Vocal Radio Speed Me Up Mix)
Angelica Rose – My Love Is Always Forever (Vocal Radio Power Mix)
Angelico – Run Into The Night (Radio Vocal Italo Mix)
Beach Club Band – Summer Love (New Gen Vocal Short Guitar Mix)
Beach Club Band – Sunshine (Short Vocal Alan Brando Mix)
Boris Zhivago – Adagio For Love (Short Vocal Summer Mix)
Boris Zhivago – Another Life (Vocal Radio Lost Remix)
Boris Zhivago – (In A World Of) Fantasy (Short Vocal USSR Mix)
Boris Zhivago – I Still Love You (Short Vocal Moscow Mix)
Boris Zhivago – Once Upon A Time (Vocal Short USSR Mix)
Boris Zhivago – Rainy Day In Moscow (Short Vocal Summer Mix)
Boy Blue – Alone, Again (New Gen Vocal Radio Mix)
Brad Lake – Memory Of Love (Radio Vocal Eighties Mix)
Captain Apollo – Another Story (Radio Magica Mix)
Captain Apollo – Far From Home (Short Vocal Apollo Mix)
Carl Love – Name of the Game (Radio Dance Mix)
Casanova – Don’t Break My Heart (Short Vocal Mix)
Casanova – Love Is Death (Vocal Radio Version)
Casanova – San Marino (Short Disco Mix)
Casarano – Carillon (New Gen Vocal Short Remix)
Casarano – Long Ago (Special Vocal Radio Mix)
Casarano – Revolution (New Gen Vocal Short Remix)
Casarano – When The Years Go By (Vocal Radio Summer Mix)
Don Amore – Don’t Let Me Go (Full Radio Vocal Mix)
Don Amore – In Your Eyes (Radio Vocal Italo Mix)
Don Amore – Long Ago (Radio Mix)
Don Amore – Love Tonight (Radio Vocal Italo Mix)
Elise Dean – Give Me The Night (Vocal Radio Mix)
Elise Dean – You (Vocal Radio Mix)
Italian Boy – Italian Girl (Short Vocal New Motion Mix)
Ken Martina – Memories Are Gone (Short Vocal Love Mix)
Ken Martina – Time (Short New Remix)
Ken Martina – Tonight (Short Vocal Disco Mix)
Ken Martina – You’re Always on My Mind (Short New Remix)
Lana Love – Tell Me Why (Radio Vocal Lesina Mix)
Limelight – Deep In The Night (Vocal Short Canadian Mix)
Limelight – Do You Love Me (Vocal Radio Version)
Limelight – Imaginary Lovers (Short Vocal Canadian Mix)
Marco Polo – Dancing All The Night (Vocal Radio Summer Mix)
Marco Polo – Don’t Stop (Vocal Radio Summer Mix)
Michael Rimini – Changing Times (Vocal Short Modern Boots Mix)
Michael Rimini – One More Time (Vocal Short Modern Boots Mix)
Michael Rimini – Save My Heart, Don’t Let It Go (Vocal Short Zhivago Remix)
Michael Rimini – Save My Heart (Short Dance Mix)
Miko Vanilla – Don’t Go Away (It’s My Life) (Radio Vocal Sunshine Mix)
Modern Boots – All My Life (Short Vocal Remix)
Modern Boots – Deep Inside My Heart (Radio Mix)
Modern Boots – Give Me the Night, Give Me The Day (Vocal Short Super Mix)
Modern Boots – Lovely Memory (Short Vocal Mix)
Modern Boots – Play The Game (Vocal Radio Dance Mix)
Modern Boots – Save My Heart (There’s A Story) (Italian Style Radio Vocal Mix)
Modern Boots – Save My Heart (There’s A Story) (Vocal Radio Mix)
Modern Boots – Tell Me The Reason You Said Goodbye (Vocal Radio Lost Remix)
Modern Boots – You’re My Night, You’re My Day (Italian Style Radio Vocal Club Mix)
Modern Boots – You’re My Night, You’re My Day (Spacious Vocal Radio Remix)
Momento – Cinderella (Short Vocal Disco Mix)
Momento – Forever (Short Remix)
Momento – Hold Me in the Night (Short Remix)
Momento – I’m Movin’ On (Short Vocal Power Mix)
Momento – Love Is Dead (Short Vocal Alan Brando Mix)
Momento – My Desire (Short Remix Version)
Momento – Never Too Late (Short Remix)
Momento – Once Again (Short Remix)
Momento – Why Don’t You Say Goodbye (Short Remix)
Naomi – Domani (Tomorrow) (Short Mix)
Naomi – Estate nel tuo cuore (Summertime in Your Heart) (Short Mix)
Naomi – Fuoco nel mio cuore (Fire in My Heart) (Short Mix)
Naomi – Give Me (Vocal Summer Radio Mix)
Naomi – Mi Dia (Give Me) (Short Vocal Remix)
Naomi – Sorrow (Why Did You Say Goodbye) (Vocal Summer Radio Mix)
Ranger – A Long Goodbye (Short Vocal Corporate Mix)
Ranger – In Your Eyes (New Generation Radio Summer Mix)
Ranger – In Your Eyes (Vocal Radio Dance Remix)
Ranger – Spanish Girl (Vocal Radio Mix)
Ranger – Take Your Time (Radio Vocal New Gen Italo Mix)
Rynar Glow – Changes (Short Vocal Remix)
Rynar Glow – Don’t Say Goodbye (Radio Vocal Summer Mix)
Rynar Glow – Stop For Love (Short Vocal Remix)
Rynar Glow – Take Your Time (Radio Mix)
Solitario – Leave Me Alone (Short Fly Mix)
Solitario – Magic Carillon (Goodbye) (New Gen Short Vocal Mix)
Solitario – Memories Of You (Short Modern Vocal Mix)
Solitario – Only You & Me (Short Modern Vocal Mix)
Tommy Sun – Beach Lover (Italian Style Radio Vocal Club Mix)
Tommy Sun – Don’t Break My Heart (Short Summer Mix)
Tommy Sun – Yesterday (Short Vocal Summer Mix)