DJ Charts – [12-Jun]

A.D.H.S. – Dancin’ 4Ever (Original Mix)
Alex Di Stefano – Black Flag (Extended Mix)
Chapter & Page – Revelation (Alex Di Stefano Extended Mix)
David Forbes – Take Me Up (Extended Mix)
Flug – The Punisher (Original Mix)
Lilly Palmer – Don’t Look Back (Original Mix)
Lilly Palmer – Plasma (Original Mix)
Luis Miranda – Stay Awake (Original Mix)
Push_Joyhauser – Choir Of Spirits (Original Mix)
Simon Patterson – Black Rock (Extended Mix)
Amazingblaze – Inner Fire
Arkus P. – Indian Love (Single Version)
Arnaud Le Texier – Swept (Original Mix)
Chris Liebing Planetary Assault Systems – Mind Bender (Planetary Assault Systems Remix)
David Lohlein – Altai (Rove Ranger Gothic Remix)
David Oblivion – The Funk
Dax J – Universal Future Sound
DJ Deeon – Work this Dick (Original Mix)
DJ Disrespect – Groove Alert (Alarm Mix)
DJ Disrespect – Space Tribe (Tribal Mix)
Dj Energy – Believer (Rave Version)
DLV – Rufmord (Original Mix)
Gijensu – Street Dreams
Glenn Wilson – Northern Rise
Hi-gate – Pitchin’ (In Every Direction) (Original Mix)
Jeanne – This Is Second Death (DJ Disrespect remix)
Lars Huismann – Surge
Lawrence Lee – Hardcore Seoul (Tred Remix)
Somniac One – Smoke Eater
Tim Taylor Freddie Fresh Freddie Fresh & Tim Taylor – Scissorhands
Vandall – Hard Tek Action (Original Mix)
Armin van Buuren and AVIRA vs Chicane – Offshore (Extended Mix)
Armin Van Buuren Ft. Wrabel – Feel Again (Extended Mix)
Ben Gold – Rest Of Our Lives (Extended Mix)
Frank Spector – La Nuit (Maarten De Jong Extended Mix)
Hel Slowed Ft. That Girl – In Silence (Extended Mix)
Mark Sixma & Willem De Roo – Revolt (Extended Mix)
Reorder – Stereo (Original Mix)
Scorz – Illuminate (Extended Mix)
Steve James & Morgan Page ft Brooke Tomlinson – Like I Do (Bonus Track) (Protoculture Extended Remix)
Aldo Henrycho – Colors In My Mind (Extended Mix)
Allan McLuhan – WTF (Extended Mix)
Dahnniel – Corinth
Diego Morrill – Subconscious (Original Mix)
Emmy Skyer – Yin Yang (Original Mix)
Huem – Halley (Extended Mix)
Mike Sang Dahnniel – Lightspeed (Original Mix)
Mike Sang – Revoked (Extended Mix)
Ossmosis Maria Caan – Searching (Fher Vizzuet Dub Mix)
Zach Zlov – Nightfall (Extended Mix)
Antonio Grassia – Hear The Soul
Antonio Grassia – Keep The Vibes
Antonio Grassia – Thursday (Proudly People Remix)
Crackazat – Evergreen
DJ Simi – Knowledge
DJ Simi – Monk Village
DJ Simi – Talking To You
DJ Simi – The Blowing Man
PaperMacheTiger – OG (DJ Simi Remix)
Santos – Waking Up In Another House
Andres Campo – Horn
Annette Taylor – Faith (M&M Mix)
Chambray – Attire (Original Mix)
Deadly Sins – Star Boogie
Frank Biazzi – Take Control
Harry Romero – Revolt (Extended Mix)
Harvey McKay – Pull Up
Josh Wink – Balls Back
J Paul Getto – The Devil’s Hand
Lexlay – Kids on the Night
Marcal – Seroto
M. Rodriguez – Bhoouun
Radio Slave – Tantakatan (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)
Sally C – Downtown
Sergio Sergi – Stomp The Beat
A-Trak, Illyus & Barrientos – Together At Last (Extended Mix)
Daniel Steinberg – Free Love (Original Mix)
Deetron – Glass (Original Mix)
DJ Pierre, My Digital Enemy – The Underground (Wild Pitch Mix)
Laurence Guy – Your Good Times Will Come (Original Mix)
Mambo Brothers – U Got 2 (Extended Mix)
Nate NoFun – Sassy (Original Mix)
The Royal Academy Of Fierce, Larry Tee, Radio Slave, Tobell Von Cartier – Black Pussy’s Revenge (Original Mix)
Tiptoes – Somebody (Original Mix)
Waajeed – Power in Numbers (Original Mix)
Alex M.O.R.P.H. – Calling Berlin (Extended)
Aly & Fila Greg Downey – Take Flight (Extended Mix)
Andrea Ribeca – MAM (Extended Mix)
Ben Gold – Rest Of Our Lives (Extended Mix)
Ben Nicky Greg Downey Christian Burns – Always (Stoneblue Extended Mix)
Chicane – Offshore (Disco Citizens Evolution Extended Mix)
Christian Burns – The Magic (Markus Schulz In Search Of Sunrise Extended Remix)
Ciaran McAuley Clara Yates – Anything (Extended Mix)
Claus Backslash – Valley of Miracles (Extended Mix)
Daniel Skyver – Steam (Extended Mix)
Daxson – 7th Dimension (Extended Mix)
Dustin Husain – Switch Up (Extended Mix)
Hel Slowed Ft. That Girl – In Silence (Extended Mix)
Hiromori Aso – Peintre Celebre (Extended Mix)
John Stigter – Octagon (Diego Morrill Extended Remix)
Kyau & Albert – Falling Anywhere (David Broaders Extended Remix)
Lustral – Everytime (Danny Stubbs Extended Remix)
Madwave Paipy – Deep Impact (Extended Mix)
Manuel Le Saux – Liurnia (Extended Mix)
Marco V Vision 20 20 – FE AR (Extended Mix)
Metta & Glyde – 11 11 (Extended Mix)
Moussa Clarke & Terrafunka – She Wants Him (Alex Sonata & Therio Extended Remix)
Ramin Arab – Endless (Extended Mix)
Rinaly – Alchemy (Extended Mix)
RPG – Cloud Nine (Extended Mix)
Ruben de Ronde Cubicore – Adamant (Extended Mix)
Sunlounger Susie Ledge Inger Hansen – Run (Roger Shah Extended Uplifting Mix)
Talla 2xlc & Roland Klein – Nexus Point (Extended Mix)
UDM – Liberta (Extended Mix)
ZOYA Akkima – Duality (Extended Mix)
Blue Serigala – Push To Shock (Extended Mix)
Ciaran McAuley Clara Yates – Anything (Extended Mix)
District 5 – Fractured (Extended Mix)
Dj Xboy Blue Sector – Nankurunaisa (Extended Mix)
Iant & Flund ft Liliia Kysil – Breathe (Extended Mix)
Johnny E & Craig Mortimer – Be Free (Extended Mix)
Kayan Code Lyd14 – Your Angel (Extended Mix)
Martin Libsen – Talisman (Extended Mix)
Miikka L – Kiova (Extended Mix)
Paipy – Heaven (Extended Mix)
Steve Dekay – Legacy (Extended Mix)
Cedric Gervais – Hype (Extended Mix)
Fletcher Kerr – Last 4 Eva (Extended Mix)
LeBon (UK) – Baby
Maxinne – GRUUV (Original Mix)
Miguel Campbell & Martin Badder – Trust (Extended Mix)
Remi Blaze – Hit It (Hyland & Kavai Remix)
Remi Blaze – Hit It (Nick Silva Remix)
Remi Blaze – Never Go Down
Remi Blaze – One Life
This Culture – It’s Not Too Late (Extended Mix)
Anil Aras – Mad Houz (Original Mix)
Blake Baxter, Marc Romboy – Muzik (Kink Dub Mix)
Busta Rhymes, Shermanology, LION BABE – Harder with Busta Rhymes (Shermanology Remix)
Catz ‘n Dogz – Chucky73 – Bzrp 43 (Club Version)
Demarkus Lewis – Boompty Bump (Original Mix)
Eats Everything, Shermanology – Tell You What It Is (Shermanology SoulTec Mix)
Geto Mark – Body Heat (Original Mix)
Houzzie Killa – Art As Life (Original Mix)
Jesse Calosso, Trangaz – Bulotek (Original Mix)
Jonaku – Disqo (Original Mix)
Kristin Velvet – Eat the Drum (Prok _ Fitch Eat the Bass Remix)
Lucas Alexander – FM Dial (Original Mix)
Max Kernmayer – Acid Warp (Original Mix)
Ruze – Felicidade (Original Mix)
Shermanology, FISHER (OZ) – It’s A Killa (Shermanology Edit)
simas – Benja (Original Mix)
Tiptoes – Somebody (Original Mix)
Deeparture – Big Magic (Original Mix)
Ezequiel Arias – Watercolor (Extended Mix)
Giuseppe Ottaviani, Natalie Shay – Replay (Extended Mix)
Joel Oliver, Solanca – Seed (Extended Mix)
Kolsch – Shoulder Of Giants
Lukysh – New Plan (Extended Mix)
Modera – Aura (Extended Mix)
Ric Niels, Mango – Trip to South (djimboh Remix)
Solanca_Mira Nait – Golden Tears (Extended Mix)
Tagavaka – Eyes Turn To Solitude (Original Mix)
3KM Lost Knowledge – Can’t Help Myself (Extended Mix)
Airbase Floria Ambra – Denial (Original Mix)
Angelus – Parley (Original Mix)
Basil O’Glue – Egregore (Original Mix)
Bixx – After The Sting (Extended Mix)
Bogdan Vix Claudiu Adam Danny Claire – Falling (Extended Mix)
Daniel Cesana – Path To The Unknown (Extended Mix)
Eximinds – Passacaglia (Extended Mix)
Frank Spector – La Nuit (Maarten De Jong Extended Mix)
Lost Witness & SJ Johnson – Over You (The 90s Anthem) (Extended Mix)
Lustral – Everytime (Danny Stubbs Extended Remix)
Lyktum Rishi – Shiva’s Mantra (Original Mix)
MARC BAZ – Fighting for Freedom (Extended Mix)
Metta & Glyde – 11 11 (Extended Mix)
Mike Van Fabio Kim Kiona Last Soldier – Don’t Run Away (Last Soldier Extended Remix)
Sancar Yildirim & Cenk Eroge – Omniverse (Original Mix)
Sneijder Bryan Kearney – Proper Order (Mark Sherry Extended Remix)
Sonicwork – Skyscape (Extended Mix)
Spirit Architect – Revelation (West Galaxy Remix)
The Digital Blonde William Byrne – Last Time
Alex M.O.R.P.H. – Calling Berlin (Extended)
Ben Gold – Rest Of Our Lives (Extended Mix)
Craig Connelly Paul Denton – Quantum Eraser (Extended Mix)
Davey Asprey – Revolution (Extended Mix)
David Forbes – Take Me Up (Extended Mix)
Essence – The Promise (Craig Connelly Extended Remix)
Lustral – Everytime (Danny Stubbs Extended Remix)
Purple Haze – Horizons (Extended Mix)
Rub!k – Orbit 37 (Extended Mix)
Systembreaker – Kontrol U (Extended Mix)
CID, Will K – OoooH (Original Mix)
Daniel Orpi – Nit Del Foc (Extended Mix)
ENNE (BR) – Pratice (Original Mix)
Jamie Clarke – Why Do You Feel_ feat. Yamaho (Jamie’s Shinto Mix)
Lucas Alexander – FM Dial (Seb Zito Freak FM Remix)
Manda Moor – The Climax (Original Mix)
Sorley – Strung Up (Extended Mix)
Tini Gessler – Blue Sky (Original Mix)
Tini Gessler – Bonga (Original Mix)