Crate Gang – 15 Tracks – [15-Nov]

Blu Cantrell – Make Me Wanna Scream (Wingman Redrum) (Wingman) (Clean – 95BPM)
Kelis – Milkshake (Wingman) (Wingman) (Clean – 113BPM)
Keri Hilson – I Like (Absinth Re-edit) (Wingman) (Wingman) (Clean – 125BPM)
Keri Hilson – I Like (Wingman) (Wingman) (Clean – 125BPM)
Keyshia Cole – Last Night (Wingman) (Wingman) (Clean – 121BPM)
Kylie Minogue – Can’t Get You Out of My Head (Wingman) (Wingman) (Clean – 126BPM)
Lady Gaga – Poker Face (Wingman) (Wingman) (Clean – 119BPM)
Mario – Just a Friend (Wingman) (Wingman) (Clean – 95BPM)
Nelly Furtado – Say It Right (Wingman) (Wingman) (Clean – 117BPM)
Nelly Furtado – Turn off the Light (Wingman) (Wingman) (Clean – 90BPM)
Pussy Cat Dolls – When I Grow Up (Wingman) (Wingman) (Clean – 119BPM)
Sean Paul – Give It Up to Me (Wingman) (Wingman) (Clean – 96BPM)
Sergio Mendez – Never Gonna Let You Go (Wingman Redrum) (Wingman) (Clean – 65BPM)
Soul Decisions – Faded (Wingman) (Wingman) (Clean – 108BPM)
Timbaland Nelly Furtado and Soshy – Morning after Dark Rmx (Wingman) (Wingman) (Clean – 118BPM)