Big Room, Mainstage – [22-Jun]

Ajneur – Hardwired [GAaS Records]
Andrew Galaxy – Life of the Future (Extended Mix) [Future Rave Music]
Andrew Galaxy – Life of the Future [Future Rave Music]
Angelo Del Corral – Gelatto [EPride Music Digital]
Angelo Del Corral – Give Me Your Love [EPride Music Digital]
Anthony Louis – Voolcano (feat. She) [Milk Records (IT)]
Antoine D’eau – Showtime (Radio Edit) [Wiking Recordings]
Antoine D’eau – Showtime [Wiking Recordings]
Avao – Amplified (Extended Mix) [Intensity Recordings]
Avao – Amplified [Intensity Recordings]
Avr Ecuador – Triumph (Extended Mix) [Filthy Sounds]
Avr Ecuador – Triumph (Radio Edit) [Filthy Sounds]
Bonka x Rave Republic Feat. Maikki – Brakes On (Original Mix)
Bonkr – Don’t Come Back (Extended) [FRCST RCRDS]
Bonkr – Don’t Come Back [FRCST RCRDS]
Bruno Conti – Echo Love [History Recordings Premium]
Dj Lucian, Geo & Next Route – Strong Love (Extended Mix) [Norvis Music]
Dj Lucian, Geo & Next Route – Strong Love (Radio Edit) [Norvis Music]
Domeno & DRIIIFT – Fortao (Extended Mix)
Domeno feat. Kris Kiss – The Domeno Effect (Extended Mix)
Fezz – Waffle [History Recordings Premium]
Freezeout – Feel Like I Do (Fezz Remix) [History Recordings Premium]
Funkhauser – We Got the Fire (Extended Mix) [Royal House Records]
House Anatomy – Can’t You See [History Recordings Premium]
House Anatomy – The Rhythm [History Recordings Premium]
House Legion – Eleven [History Recordings Premium]
KARITIME – Bugatti [Digital Empire Records]
KARITIME – Bugatti (Extended Mix) [Digital Empire Records]
Kingsly – Whiskey Weds [Staycation Records]
K.Malinovsky – Western [Complex Drop Records]
Lucky Lyke – Dancing in the Moonlight (feat. Jessia) [History Recordings Premium]
M4RO – Rise Up [Black Lemon Records]
M4RO – Rise Up (Extended Mix) [Black Lemon Records]
Manuel de Diego & Nina Flowers – Matrix Sun Festival (Official Anthem) [Guareber Recordings]
Miami Shakers – Borderline [History Recordings Premium]
Miami Shakers – Sensation [History Recordings Premium]
Mike Miami – Warpspace (Extended Mix) [House District Records]
Mike Miami – Warpspace [House District Records]
MoKa & Fiorentino Master J – Shake It (Allarm Remix) [Maghnet Recordings]
Monta – This! (Extended Mix)
Omul Cu Sobolani – Copilul Rebel (Adrian Saguna x Ciprian Lemnaru Remix) [Woodchopper Records]
Prime Punk – Antropy (Extended Mix) [Punkland Digital]
Prime Punk – Antropy [Punkland Digital]
R4JAY – Flipper [Wasp Records]
RAV3R – Save Me [Musata Music]
Shelby Wayne – Liar [Dragon Records]
Shelby Wayne – Liar (Extended Mix) [Dragon Records]
Siberian Express – Bizz Up (Extended Mix) [FLAVA]
Siberian Express – Bizz Up [FLAVA]
Sick Individuals – Pull Me Through (Extended Mix) [Revealed Recordings]
Sick Individuals – Pull Me Through [Revealed Recordings]
Skarleth – Electrify City [Electrify Stage]
Skarleth – Electrify City (Radio Edit) [Electrify Stage]
Soul7ven – Escape From Cyber City [SpacedOut Studios Entertainment]
Soul7ven – Night Faces [SpacedOut Studios Entertainment]
Soul7ven – What I Need [SpacedOut Studios Entertainment]
Steph Tables – Biggest Mistake [History Recordings Premium]
Susan Corenelius & Xincher – Crowdz (Extended Mix)
Trevon – Fun Solo [Hood Stories Records]
Trevon – Saga [Hood Stories Records]
Turbix & Dyxiion – Calamity (Extended Mix) [MNTN Records]
Turbix & Dyxiion – Calamity [MNTN Records]
Waxel, Slake Slagger & Revealed Recordings – Sweet Escape (Extended Mix) [Revealed Radar]
Waxel, Slake Slagger & Revealed Recordings – Sweet Escape [Revealed Radar]
Z-DEEP – Save Me [Musata Music]
Alpha Vector – Moon Hoax (Extended) [M12 Studio Music]
Automatic Preset – Fuck Off Everything I Don’t Like (Extended Mix) [M12 Studio Music]
Bass Instructor – Moment of Vengeance (Extended) [M12 Studio Music]
Bass Instructor – Woofer Test (MTTFLK Instrumental Extended) [M12 Studio Music]
Kialph – 7 Years in Space (Instrumental Extended) [M12 Studio Music]
MTTFLK – Bomb Spike (Extended Mix) [M12 Studio Music]
Nastyvirus – Araknophobia (Extended) [M12 Studio Music]
Plazmasynth – Wake Up (Extended) [M12 Studio Music]
Raver From Universe – Oumuamua (Extended) [M12 Studio Music]
Rob Hot – Ritmica Mentale (Extended Mix) [M12 Studio Music]
Amie Carter & LFOs – Layers (Original Mix)
CANDYSIO – Drift Apart (Original Mix)
Carlo Ratto, Fablers & Sebastian Hansson – Feel You (Extended Mix)
Cliffrs & Panca Borneo – Moon (Original Mix)
Devijfair – Take The Lead (Original Mix)
DJ Inox & Steven Roys – Get Low (Extended Mix)
Franky Malloy & Timothy Cash – Timebomb (Original Mix)
Gianrico Leoni, Daniele Soriani & Dario Dee – My Body & My Soul (Tipfloor Radio Mix)
HAZE – Gotta Dance (Original Mix)
Ichordz – Breath (Radio Edit)
Justin Dahl – Outside The Cage (Original Mix)
Kommon Interests & AlphaBeta – Phoenix (Original Mix)
LNDN – Forever (Original Mix)
LostVolts, Sarab & Daryan – You Were Mine (Original Mix)
Magthegreat – Wave Your Hands (Original Mix)
Morphi’A – Blood Flow (Original Mix)
Mziah & Vibeshock – Freaks Come Out At Night (Original Mix)
Nene – Bass District (Original Mix)
Rich Banxx feat. Kelly D – Got To Let You Go (Extended)
RPM – Mannequins (Original Mix)
SCRMWRX – Everybody Get Down (Original Mix)
ST80 – Coeptus (Original Mix)
Tyrone Williams – I Want You (PL Sweets Remix)
VARGENTA, J4CKO & AJAX – Hold On To Me (Original Mix)
Xander Niels – Madafaka (Original Mix)